I read this interesting article.

"On top of bafflement was the sense that I'd cheated. Gotten out of line and moved to the front."

In a way I feel as though I did skip to the front of the line. There are a lot of couples that have been together longer than Trevor & I have and aren't engaged yet. Though I'm very excited about being the Mrs. to his Mr., part of me feels bad for the girls who yearn for it to be their turn.

The photobook I made on Shutterfly came in today. It's very cute, and I plan to use it as my guest book for next year. It's a little photo collage of from when we met up until we got engaged in Japan. I got the 8x8 book for free since somewhere along the line I registered with David's Bridal and they sent me a promotional code for a free book as long as I paid for shipping. If I was paying for it I probably would have sprung for the bigger book, but for under $10 I certainly can't complain about what I got.

I'm a big fan of online promo codes & sales. (Thus my tons and tons of centerpiece and favors already being purchased.) I'm still trolling around the web trying to find the perfect wedding shoes though. Emily suggested getting blue shoes for them to be my something blue and I think that's a very novel idea but I haven't had much luck finding blue shoes that aren't navy. Pale blue and Tiffany blue are apparently not popular shoe colors. I might just have to settle for ivory shoes or gold shoes.

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