Weekend with the Girls

It's felt like a very long weekend already and it's only Saturday.

Friday I spent time with Kim & Ryan after completing 3 loads of laundry, making the bed, folding my clothes & overall tidying up of the apartment. Since I'm a giant shut-in most of the time I'm out like a light on weeknights around 11p.m. but since I was meeting up with Kim we only started to go out around 11 p.m. so needless to say I wasn't in tip top form.

Devin was in town and Trevor wanted to see him so I was on my own. I wanted to see Devin too, but since some of his friends came up to the Cape, plus Trevor and their Boston cousins (plus girlfriends and friends) it was a pretty packed cottage. Plus it was raining all day and very cold out so it wasn't exactly prime Cape weather. So I passed on going in favor of getting a few chores done & planning to see my old college roomie in New Haven Saturday.

In any case Kim and her new man are still going strong. Not like I'm surprised. She's very willing to commit herself to a relationship. Ryan seems nice enough. I'm not really in any position to judge though since I hardly see either of them and most of the time when I've seen him he's been working. Part of me is concerned about her falling too fast and too soon and that it's easier to be crazy over a new guy than it is to pick up the pieces following a difficult breakup. The other part of me just wants to believe in love.

Speaking of love, Jenny & Gio are moved into their new little home in Stratford and they look to be very happy. They're almost nauseatingly cute together. And I don't mean in a kissy kissy way. An example of this being that Jenny and Gio will sing together while Jenny's on the piano and Gio will apparently bang along with a tambourine. Another being that Gio bought Jenny a bouquet of flowers "just 'cuz." They're just too much...but in the best way. They've been living together for just a little over a month now so you can still see how much fun they're having playing house.

Emily's doing pretty good overall too. We had a lot of fun chatting over lunch today and going to Target while waiting to meet up with Jenny. While at Jenny's we took the grand tour of her new pad. It's pretty small, but it's a cute little starter home that fits her and Gio just fine. The two of them should buy some stock in Ikea because the whole house is full of Ikea furniture. The tables, the computer desks, the bureau, the bookshelves, the decorative trees...etc. And all their furniture is therefore also new so it's all uniform and color coordinated...very much like a page out of the Ikea catalogue. Emily & I were amazed at how clean everything was, but again when you just move in you're still acquiring stuff so it may look a bit different a few months from now.

While I love seeing Emily & Jenny I really dislike driving down in that area of CT. The highway system down there is pretty ancient and therefore very confusing. It's like driving in MA. lol There are too many "slight left" and "slight rights" for my liking so I don't make it a habit of visiting as often as I'd like. But Em's in NYC most of the year anyhow so most of the time it's best to simply meet her directly in NYC without worrying about cars.

But for all my small adventures this weekend I missed Trevor immensely. Even though we don't do very much when we are together it's comforting to know where he is and how he's doing. According to Trevor's re-telling of his time at the Cape with his brother it was a very drama filled time as a result of "this fat chick" "these two stupid girls" and "this spoiled little dog" that tagged along. Part of me is glad to have missed the chaos since I'm very anti stupid-girls. Plus since it was so packed this particular weekend I probably would have had to sleep with Trevor in one of the alcove beds (they're smaller than twin beds so you can imagine how comfortable that would be).

For the rest of the weekend we'll probably just chill out. I don't want to drive anywhere after all the driving I did today.

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