Wet Soggy Dress...Sounds Great

Amanda forwarded me something about Trash The Dress and at the time I thought it was pretty frightening sounding but as I continue thinking about it sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Not that I'd want to do anything too out of this world. I think that after our wedding that it'd be fun to pull on that dress again and drag Trevor out to the Cape for some pictures. He in a button down shirt with the arms rolled up with his jacket flung over his shoulder. Me in my gown, hair down in loose waves barefoot in the sand with the edges of my ivory dress skimming the sandy water. I think it's quite the ideal for me in terms of wedding pictures. Something relaxed where I don't have to worry about wrinkling my dress as though it's the end of the world. Something casual and fun where we can actually enjoy ourselves, like this. It's not as though I ever thought that I'd save my dress for my future daughters; god only knows I'd drop dead before thinking about wearing my mother's 80's gown (shudder). And any of my friends who will be getting wed will inevitably want their own style...and their own size.

It's weird. When you start shopping around about weddings your notion of what is expensive and what is "reasonable" become very warped. In my normal life I would think about a $80 purchase for a real long time because to me that's a lot of dough. In my wedding related life if I could get anything for $80 at this point it'd be a steal. $2,000 could really be much better utilized towards a nice flat screen television.

In any case, I've talked Trevor into frolicking around in wet wedding clothes at the beach. I haven't worked out the when or the who (as in who will be photographing us) but at least he's on board.

I knew there was a reason I loved him. =)

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