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I got my veil in the mail. I can't show a picture of it because Trevor might see it and although it's just a buncha fluff I don't want to ruin the surprise of what I'll look like on our wedding. But I just have to say it looks gorgeous. I never thought a bunch of fluff would make that much of a difference but when I inevitably tried it on I found that it made me look like a little angel...even with my stringy unkempt hair and nerdy-girl glasses.

I don't know what it'll look like with my I'll have to just wait and see. My wedding gown is waiting for me at my parents' house so hopefully everything looks how I imagine it in my mind. Though my wedding gown doesn't fit me in the slightest so I can't really just try it least not without a good deal of assistance to keep it from falling off my body.

It's exciting. Sometimes I'm surprised at how everything is falling together.

Oishi Sushi Review

Trevor and I are self described foodies. More specifically we're Japanese foodies, so when I perused through Yahoo Local and found a Japanese establishment within 20 miles of our home it warranted trying to track it down and give it a try. Oishi does not have a website at present otherwise I'd link it up. Oishi is located at 1455 Riverdale Street,West Springfield, MA, 01089

The owner is Korean, which is a welcome change to a landscape that so far has been full of Chinese restaurateurs. I wouldn't say his menu sticks to all the traditions, but it has be best "spirit" of Japanese culture and food. It's hard to describe, but really good Japanese food is made with care and attention to detail. I feel like the owner really cares about his food and really cares about maintaining good relations with his patrons.

There's nothing wrong with Chinese restaurateurs; they just have a tendency to have terrible service. Their staff is rarely attentive or nice. I u…


My overall wedding planning has stalled. The only vendor left to worry about would be the photographer.

Realistic Kelly knows that in twenty years or so I'm not going to care about having a ton of wedding pictures because no one ever looks at them. I've only ever seen like 2 pictures of my own parents' wedding day and I think that's plenty.

Wedding Kelly however is neurotic and wants to be sure that someone at the wedding knows how to take a picture that doesn't make me look like a cow. Plus since I've already vetoed having a videographer I know that my mother will have a heart attack if there aren't a bazillion pictures to make up for that.

I love my mother. And at face value she's a pretty cool chick, but she rules with an iron fist. I feel this is true of most every Asian momma. She has said that it's my wedding and I can do what I want, but having years of "mom-glish" under my belt I know that really means "I'd rather you d…

Cinnamon Ice Cream

Since I believe in sharing...

3 bras for $9.99 plus if you use promo code:607913 shipping is only $1.99. There aren't many styles, but they're plain and simple. I hate it when I go to Victoria's Secret and the only sale bras in my size are day-glow colors I'd never be caught dead in.

In any case, I haven't gotten too much done regarding the wedding. Since Cathy will be getting married a few weeks after me I ran the idea of sharing a few items by her and she thought it was great. The only items I could think of sharing were the flower girl basket and the ring bearer pillow. I'm hoping she goes for an ivory gown because that'll make everything so much easier if we're sharing. ;)

But I think it's silly to buy things only to use them for like 15 minutes. We might as well get a little bit more wear out of them, and then one day we can save them for the next friend or family member's wedding. I'm more than happy to share if it'll save …

Dream a little dream

Do you ever dream that you woke up?

I had one of those dreams today when I was totally convinced I was already awake and I peeked out the window to see that it was snowing. While the weather is hardly gorgeous, it's certainly not going to snow in September. But, I always end up a little disoriented when I actually wake up because it feels a little bit like deja vu, except this time minus the snow.

It's probably too early for posting, but I'm up and Trevor is not. I can't seem to sleep in late the way I used to.

I have absolutely no plans this weekend, which is actually pretty refreshing. Kim's off with her boyfriend in Boston. Ni's back in Cali. It's kinda cruddy outside too so I'm sure that stunts my desire to accomplish anything. I'm usually very task oriented. I don't even have a menu planned out.

But I'm lazy and I just want mindless dribble to entertain me. -> I'm not at the point where I'…

Nini's Visit & Kim's Apartment

Sunday we went to Ni's BBQ & then I went to Kim's to see her pad. Nini's party was nice; like any Asian get together we were asked to eat every 15 minutes, but it was nice to see her and meet her new beau. His name is Thai and he's actually nice. If I seem surprised in any way it's because the guys that Ni has dated in the past haven't exactly been the kind you'd bring home to mama. Clearly this guy is literally good enough to bring home to show off to her family. I'm happy for her though, he seems like the kind of person who really wants to make her happy and seems very genuine. Given the many late nights that she and I spent in college lamenting about our inability to find anyone to like us let alone date us I'm proud that everything came together in the end.

My fiance had a man-date (say it with me fast...mandate!) with some pals to play WoW so I sent him off with Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies in tow for him and the boys to snack on. I …

Wedding in...a box

Sometimes I'm desperate to cook. This particular weekend I felt like making some Thai Chicken Pizza. I got pre-made dough from the grocery store (it doesn't cost more than $1.50 and it's a heck of a lot easier than making it from scratch) and I topped it with garlic, a spicy peanut sauce, shredded carrot, scallion & cooked chicken pieces. In the last five minutes I put on the cheese because I find that when you make it at home the cheese gets burned really easily while you're waiting for the dough to cook. If you're cooking on a pizza stone or something the bottom is warmer than the top so I imagine that's why it's not a problem for professional pizza makers but I simply made due with my biggest cookie sheet and it worked just fine.

I don't like buying kitchen stuff that I won't get to use often or take up a ton of space in my little kitchen. I hope not to get too many kitchen things as shower or wedding gifts since I won't have room to …


I'm one sleepy lady. I should go to bed at like 10 to avoid being a zombie all weekend too.'s been a short work week and suddenly it's already Thursday. Nini's supposed to be coming back home here to CT this weekend since she invited me to go to a BBQ on Sunday at her parents' house. She's dragging along her boyfriend so I'm happy to finally meet him. She'll also get to meet my Trevor at long last. (It's been a long time since I've last seen her...almost three years.) So I'm happy to be able to see her again since all through college I considered her one of my closest friends and I've asked her to be one of my bridesmaids. At this rate I won't see her again until my wedding day. lol

Otherwise there is much laundry to be done this weekend. Oh, and Kim's moving so I might drop in and lend her a hand. Yesterday we had a little pedi-party at Kim's pad in Springfield, which now that I think of it may have been o…

Susan's Wedding

The Wedding on Sunday was lovely

Firstly, the weather was beautiful. I somehow found a suitable dress as the last moment. And we got out to the woods without getting lost or being late.

It really came together very well. The ceremony was a little off from the banquet hall and had a lot of tree cover so we didn't have to worry about being fried under the sun. The ceremony was pretty brief, but we clearly paid a lot better attention as a result. lol

The reception hall was very pretty as well. High open ceilings and there was an attached patio for guests to hang out. The patio was a huge hit because everyone was on it much of the night, particularly the smokers.

Susan and Sean looked so happy. Sean in particular seemed to be on cloud nine. The food was...okay. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there nor was I particularly comfortable since the AC was blasting. I gave up towards the end and wore Trevor's jacket.

The DJ could have been better, but Liza, Dino & Aunt Pegg…

E.L.F Review

I've heard a little buzz about this makeup line called E.L.F, which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. A lot of fashion magazines have been mentioning them.

They sell makeup at $1 a pop, which of course is Wet 'n Wild level cheap. I had a coupon code, for an additional 50% off their already cheap prices and I figure it couldn't hurt to give it a go. The discount basically negated the cost of shipping, which is $5. I bought about $10 worth of stuff and I'll review what I got.

-The All over Color stick sucks. I got it in Persimmon & it's way shimmery. It doesn't look pink it all, it just looks silver on your skin. I tossed it almost immediately. Don't even bother considering it. It's not good as a lipstick, shadow or blush.

-Clarifying Pressed Powder is okay. I got tone 2 since I figure I'm not pale as a ghost or Irish and I'm never the darkest shades because while I'm ethnic I'm not the darkest girl I know. They only offer 4 tones so…