Cinnamon Ice Cream

Since I believe in sharing...

3 bras for $9.99 plus if you use promo code: 607913 shipping is only $1.99. There aren't many styles, but they're plain and simple. I hate it when I go to Victoria's Secret and the only sale bras in my size are day-glow colors I'd never be caught dead in.

In any case, I haven't gotten too much done regarding the wedding. Since Cathy will be getting married a few weeks after me I ran the idea of sharing a few items by her and she thought it was great. The only items I could think of sharing were the flower girl basket and the ring bearer pillow. I'm hoping she goes for an ivory gown because that'll make everything so much easier if we're sharing. ;)

But I think it's silly to buy things only to use them for like 15 minutes. We might as well get a little bit more wear out of them, and then one day we can save them for the next friend or family member's wedding. I'm more than happy to share if it'll save people a few bucks in the long haul.

I made some Cinnamon Ice Cream this weekend. It's unbelievably good and part of me feels it's on par with store bought kind apart from the fact no one sells Cinnamon Ice Cream. The only change I made was the lessen the sugar down to 3/4 cup since 1 full cup for a quart is wildly sweet. I make it a point to not make an ice cream flavor that I can readily buy in the store for less money and less calories. lol So I've yet to make vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream. I'm thinking that my next batch will be Coconut ice cream, and if we sprinkle in some almonds and chocolate syrup it can be like Almond Joy ice cream. I don't make ice cream all the time thankfully. Making your own anything makes you very aware of how unhealthy it is. I'm mostly inspired to make ice cream to accommodate mine and Trevor's adventurous taste buds.

But for ice cream I've yet to find a good way to reduce the calories without it affecting the texture. It'll only fluff up really well if you have a fat to suspend the air in, like whipped cream.
Every time I try to put reduced fat milk in it and stick it in the freezer it becomes a giant milky ice cube. It's good immediately out of the machine, but it doesn't like setting day I'll get it down to an art.

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