Jen's Goodbye Get-Together

I'm a self-described shut-in.

I'm busy enough keeping my apartment ship-shape, spending time with my fiance, cooking our meals, running errands, going to work full time, sneaking in time for my family and planning my wedding. I simply haven't made it a priority to go out and party and do the things I used to do when I was single. Overall I lead a very simple, but fulfilling life and I wouldn't have it any other way. The only downside is that I spend significantly less time with Kim than I did before when our lives were less structured.

She works a ton of hours in an attempt to dig herself out of debt. I entirely commend her efforts; it's never too late to take an aggressive stance and take control of your life before you feel defeated by debt and limitations that it puts on you. I think Kim realized that she needed to be more proactive in order to achieve some of her long-term goals like getting a new car, buying a home, getting married...etc.

But this Saturday Kim set aside time out of her already confusingly jam packed schedule to have a little going-away get together for her friend Jen from college who is moving to Washington D.C. next week. Having not seen Kim in the better part of a month I agreed to tag along, and us girls with Vicki and her friend Martha got together. First the girls watched the Red Sox game. I'm not a baseball fan so I just chatted. Much later on we hit the town and went to The Salty Dog in Springfield.

I'm not a huge Springfield nightlife fan, but it was fun. We had a few drinks and then Vicki wanted to go to Fat Cat's across the street. It was packed and we had to wait in line but then Jen realized she lost her cell phone and Kim took her back to The Salty Dog in an attempt to try and find it. Meanwhile we inched towards the front of the line, but the door-people refused to let Kim and Jen cut the line and made them wait at the back. They did in fact find Jen's phone since some guys had picked it up and were trying to locate Jen to give it back to her. Meanwhile, the rest of us are inside and I run into some of my old co-workers, Tony and Glenn. They have both since left the company in favor of other positions at other insurance/accounting type businesses. In any case, Tony bought Glenn & I a round of Jager-bombs; it was really sick. In any case I was just playing catch up with Glenn and talking about being engaged and life and work. After our drinks I had to re-find my friends so I wandered up and down the very crowded bar, got into a semi-open place and dug in my purse for my cell phone. Kim had texted me that she was at The Salty Dog again because the line was too long to get into Fat Cat's. So I run across the street back to The Salty Dog and find Vicki and Martha (they were probably outside smoking since I couldn't find them inside Fat Cat's) and then we scoop up Kim and Jen and were on our way out because it was closing time.

Kim was unusually plastered and begged for food. We went to a diner and Kim unfortunately spent most of our meal in the bathroom. By that time it was late; well after 2am and Trevor called to make sure I was okay, which I felt I was, though apparently I sounded very drunk too. Vicki got a massage from some 40-something guy at the table next to ours that decided to make fast friends. We boxed up Kim's uneaten breakfast (I stole a sip of her coffee) and we were on our way back to Kim's home to drop that girl into her bed, which I might add she was more than happy to be in because she didn't even bother to say goodnight to anyone.

Trevor, being a thoughtful amazing person, picked me up so I wouldn't drive and I got into bed around 4 after talking to Trevor, having a bottle of water and winding down. I woke up tired, but other than a sore throat from yelling didn't experience anything more painful as a result of my night on the town. I had fun. I guess I'm a little surprised I had fun because it's been so long since I've gone out and I've sort of lost my desire to fight for parking, have weird guys hit on me and then negotiate the city at night trying to find the right offramp to get home.

Not to say I'll make it a regular habit to go out on the town; I do have to save my drink money in favor of using it towards my wedding, but I think that it was nice to be around so many other girls. I spend so much time with Trevor and I think part of me forgot what it was like to just have girl time, get prettied up and have fun. I think most women need to have excuses to get dressed up and smear on some lipgloss.

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