Monday, October 15, 2007

Motown Philly back again

Trevor & I went to Philadelphia this weekend to visit his brother Devin. I actually haven't ever visited Devin in Philly, and Trevor had promised to help Devin with some computer building issues he had anyway so we took the opportunity to drive down this past weekend. We went down after work on Friday.

It took a few delays before we actually made it out of the apartment for once and for all. I think Trevor was so nervous about traffic that it entirely slipped his mind to make sure everything else was ship-shape first. I just assumed he took care of everything since my parents always made it a point to walk circles around the house before they left, to make sure the stove was off, the garbage was taken out, the thermostat wasn't on high...etc. I suppose I just thought that it was common sense and that Trevor had taken care of it since he kept on bugging me to hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry up.

But we still got to Philly just fine. We played on Devin's Wii (which was pretty cool) went out to eat a lot. Devin's living bachelor style so even if we wanted to eat in we couldn't because there was nothing but water in the fridge. I brought some samoas with me, and by samoas I mean the cookies that girl scouts sell every year and not the stereotypically large boned people of the same name.

I can't admit that I made everything from scratch because I was simply too lazy. I bought the shortcake cookies with chocolate drizzle they sell at every grocery store and I topped them with a caramel mixture from my stove top and flaked toasted coconut on top. I think it's really all about the combination of caramel and coconut that pulls the cookie together and makes it so decadent, but since girl scouts only sell their cookies once a year I figured it couldn't hurt to try and emulate them and it was very tasty. Unfortunately the caramel makes it very sticky so the cookies couldn't help but become stuck to each other and form what I can only describe as one giant super samoa.

We walked around Philly a bit the next day. We walked up the iconic steps where Rocky ran up during the movie. We had peking duck with steamed buns (which I love) among a seemingly endless family-special for lunch that included at least 2 other entrees. And we finished off by having Philly cheese steaks for dinner. Trevor helped Devin put together a desktop computer since his laptop is on it's last legs. I watched many episodes of wedding related programming and rested my weary feet.

Sunday we had sushi because Trevor couldn't survive without sushi at least once a week. And shortly thereafter we started on our trek home. Unfortunately we ran into some traffic so we didn't get home until 9pm and we were a tad grumpy and a lot tired. We were exhausted from the drive back and forth, plus driving through the East Coast is incredibly confusing and congested.

So since I was away all weekend I didn't cook, though I've already whipped up some Nem Nuong Vietnamese meatball mixture for tomorrow and I just finished baking up some bread pudding with some leftover stale raisin bread I couldn't finish eating last week. Drizzle that with a little fat-free caramel sauce I got for apples and it's really good. Bread pudding is far too humble a name for a food so rich and creamy.