Shopping Memories

It's been a sleepy rainy day for me.

I don't like to complain about real life too much (mostly because I don't like hearing other people do it) but after working 4 1/2 hours of overtime in addition to my normal 40 hours I felt a little overextended and decided to sleep in.

Today was very uneventful. I didn't bake a single thing! I did however throw together a nice dinner of Seafood Risotto.

I'm a huge risotto fan. I think it reminds me of a mix between mashed potatoes and rice. It's creamy, but flavorful. Not just mushy overcooked rice. For 2 cups of arborio rice there were about 5-6 cups of chicken stock slowly mixed and cooked in with clams and shrimp and topped with fish. It turned out pretty well considering I'm a novice with this kind of rice. I'm much more acquainted with Jasmine rice and I could probably cook Jasmine rice in my sleep. The only thing I was missing was wine. Not being a big wine drinker I didn't have any white wine on hand to add to my risotto.

The joy of risotto though is that you can add in anything you want and make it as interesting as you please.

Other than that I bought a bunch of clothes at Aeropostale since they were taking 70% off clearance. Yup, you read that right, 70%! I have many good memories of being in college wearing Aero sweatshirts, going to the Aero box sales with Emily and she and I having the most adorable Aero teddy bears. Aeropostale came to our school campus once every semester or so and sold their wares at a discount to us poor college kids. I think we got hoodies for $15-$20, as opposed to going to the Co-op and droping $60 on a hoodie with our school name emblazoned on it. It was a good time. And I feel I get to relive a bit of that Aero fun when I go to the store and spend some dough on a great sale.

It's weird how the little things will bring on good memories.

Tomorrow I heard there is a bridal fair going on, so I'll be taking Trevor along with me in hopes of obtaining some inspiration. We still don't quite agree on centerpieces. I don't know what to do with place cards. We don't have a photographer. We have a cake idea, but I'd personally like to see it in action. And while I have part of my favors I'm not 100% sold on whether I'll give away candy or if there'll be something else better that goes with my vision. Candy's good, but I'm not much of a candy eater so I'm not excited about buying pounds of it. Maybe there's something new, cool and chic I haven't thought of yet.

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