S'mores Pie and a Girls night out

So somewhat against my better instincts I went out yesterday evening with Kim and the girls. Not that I don't think all the girls are fun because I think they're a very nice and outgoing bunch; I just didn't have a terribly good feeling about going out...call it a gut feeling.

I'll start by saying that I'll keep this as un-gossipy as possible because otherwise it would take forever to recount.

Ryan got in a car accident that same evening and Kim was a bit miffed at him so she wasn't starting on a terrible positive note. Anya was mad at some guy about something (I forgot his name, but I do remember her screaming on her cell phone about how much she hated him). For a while everyone was lost. Martha and Kim had to fetch Martha's credit card from The Salty Dog because she forgot to close out her tab. They then were not re-let into Fat Cat's because it was so late and they weren't letting in any new patrons so they hung out outside for a while freezing their butts off. Anya wandered her way to the Pour House and we lost her for a while before she came back to Fat Cats. Vicki met some dude with a Paisley shirt and she was lost for a little while while Kim and I waited, and waited for her to decide to part ways with him.

For me, since I neither wandered off nor lost my credit card I spent a lot of time anxiously waiting for everyone to come back and hoping no one was lost.

Apart from that it was fun, but all the drama really overshadowed things by the end. But to be positive, everyone was safe, to my knowledge no one got sick, and apart from Ryan no one got into an accident. (And to be fair, the accident he got in was his own fault since he knew his brakes were starting to go.)

Now I'm pooped, but happy to be at home, warm and lazy. And after everything, even though we didn't do anything special today it was nice to be in Trevor's company. I feel recharged and balanced when he's around me. Even after years together I find great relief just being around him and I miss him terribly when we're apart.

I'm planning on a S'mores Pie tonight. Now I haven't made it but I hope it ends up tasting like s'mores.

I've started with a graham cracker crust and filled with a chocolate pudding filling. And on top I'll sprinkle marshmallows and broil on high until it turns brown on top, but not so long the pudding gets all icky. If so motivated I'll drizzle with melted chocolate and top with some Cool Whip. I don't cook like this all the time, but I've been staring at an opened baggie of graham crackers and half a bag of mini marshmallows and wanted to use them all up. Plus Trevor will be having some of his friends over and I figure it's always nice as a guest to be fed something. Mind you, they're all boys so they don't have high expectations of good housekeeping and hostessing.

We'll see how that works, but if people in the world can make Baked Alaska I can broil some sugar laden marshmallows without too much trouble. :)

Update: S'mores Pie was a great success, or at least all the boys were very kind and ate very happily. In any case, it turned out very nice. I liked the unexpected crunch the toasted marshmallows formed. I didn't bother with topping with more chocolate or whipped topping since it was already super rich from the pudding, which I made with half milk and half light cream and squeezed in a few tablespoons of extra Hershey's syrup to the pudding mix to perk it up. I also sprinkled some pecans in the bottom of my crust to give it more texture.

Dinner was some corn starch marinated chicken breast strips. My mother is a great advocate of the fact that corn starch will soften up meats. Salt, pepper and some leftover Sun Dried Tomato Pesto found themselves into the mix and stir fried on high heat with garlic until a rich brown crust formed. Mixed with some diced grape tomatoes and kale stir fried with olive oil and a very light touch of balsamic vinegar. Seasoned with a pinch of salt and served with cubes of mozzarella cheese I had leftover from Salmon Lasagna Roll-ups Saturday night.

I'm a chef that checks out the contents of her fridge and then out of necessity comes up with a meal out of all the flavors that I can get to compliment each other. Kale came from the too-big head I had leftover from my Zuppa Toscana and Grape Tomatoes are a house favorite. They make a lovely healthy snack along with baby carrots and I find them to be less apt to get mushy when I keep them in my fridge for too long...which is often.

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