Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving plans

Happy almost Turkey day!

I am spending Thanksgiving day with Trevor's family, minus his mom who has volunteered herself to nurse her recently-out-of-surgery boyfriend Dino back to health. But Trevor's Aunt Christine was nice enough to take on the role after Liza had other obligations. I've been volunteered by Trevor to bring dessert, so I'll probably bring my Caramel Apple Pie since I've yet to perfect any Pumpkin Pie recipes.

I like pumpkin pie, but unlike many other pies I don't know if I'd be willing to eat a whole one by myself so I've yet to be motivated to make one. My mom and dad aren't big fans so I couldn't even pawn off some slices on them, like I usually do.

I like turkey, but what I really like best are side dishes like garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, corn and stuffing. I'm a side dish fan much more than turkey, but I do appreciate exotic leftovers made out of turkey, like turkey burritos, turkey stew, turkey pot pie, and my personal favorite, turkey salad sandwiches. Imagine chicken salad except replace the chicken with turkey. It tastes pretty much the same depending on what you put into it. Oh, and you could go the way of Bridget Jones' Diary and have a Curry Turkey buffet ;)

Tomorrow I'll start working on my desserts because I'd hate to rush around Thursday morning. I think they're aiming to head over to Thanksgiving festivities around noon so I'll need to get everything done by then. I have Friday off from work too so though I don't reckon I'll be one of those crazy people camping out in front of Walmart for a $20 discount off of a DVD player I will probably be hitting the mall at some point. I do have $10 of Express birthday money to use :)

Oh right, Friday's my 25th Birthday. I don't have any plans for it persay, but I do want to spend it with Kim and my beloved Trevor. Devin will be in town as well for the holiday so perhaps we can all hang out somewhere and chat over a round of drinks. I'd say we could go out and eat but I'm obliged to have a 2nd Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner with my parents who birthed and raised me and I won't have room in my belly after two consecutive Thanksgiving dinners for another dinner. (ugh)

I'm quite a fan of eating but I'd rather spread it out than try to do it all in one day. I'd hate to ruin all the progress I've made eating healthy with a giant ridiculous binge. And if I were to binge I'd like to do so by eating things I love like asian dumplings, sushi, korean bbq, and a rich beautiful tiramisu. =)