Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Greetings

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trevor & I have come back from our dinner with his family & I'm quite full. It was what I'd consider a normal standard Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, rolls and apple pie. I also brought some Pistachio Cream Puffs. Though they were not as...puffy as I'd like I can still say they tasted good and everyone seemed to be of the same mind that it still came out tasty. It was a very jovial time, though sadly Candice and Uncle Kevin were feeling under the weather.

Devin is also going to be hopping on a flight out early tomorrow morning because he works in retail and he couldn't get Black Friday off. So sadly he will not be available to spend my birthday with me, but there are plenty enough birthdays for that later.

I spent yesterday in the kitchen for hours getting the pie and puffs done. Along with that I also made a cranberry walnut bread for my mother who is a sweet bread fan. So my apartment was full of lovely smells all evening long as different desserts came in and out of the oven.

Tomorrow is to be spent with my parents. Like most people I love my parents. I think I have a very close relationship with them and it's important to me to spend time with them whenever possible. Particularly as I get older I become more empathetic to what they went through raising me and all the hard work they had to do. I might not have ever gone to Disneyland or been gifted a Barbie Dream House, but I ended up just fine. I personally don't have anything in mind to shop for this Black Friday, but I've committed myself to running out in the crowds with my mom and dad and it should be a good time.

I do want to get Kim her present. Trevor & I have promised to just get each other small gifts in lieu of splurging (as we tend to do) since we could better use that money towards our wedding. And as much as I love Trevor-given presents I'm probably the last person who needs a gift since I have multiples of everything I'm fond of. Well...other than Trevor. I just have one of him ;)