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Onigiris, please

I've been feeling like I'm just eeking through the work week but not quite getting anywhere. Sadly I haven't had a ton of energy for cooking...until NOW.

This morning I started off my day trying to replicate the Onigiris that Trevor & I enjoyed during our time in Japan. They're literally considered rice balls, but the ones we liked were formed into a triangle shape, filled with something typically salty, and wrapped on the outside with nori. We got them at convenience stores, much like one would find donuts at your local 7-11 but significantly less unhealthy for you. Apparently they are a staple of typical Japanese Bento Box-lunches because they are portable and self contained, much like how we view sandwiches. The ones we got were typically wrapped all the way around with seaweed, but they aren't quite as pretty as a result. I was partial to the ones with teriyaki seaweed on the inside, and Trevor to the ones with tuna fish. We ate them in the mornings as…

Viki's 27th Birthday

I'm a pretty decent homebody. I'm more apt to neurotically bother my fiance about getting the laundry out of the drier than I am to dress up in cheap but flashy top and go out on the town, however this past weekend Viki & crew were out on the town celebrating her 27th Birthday so I really felt as though it would be special to go out with them.

I'm not proud of being a homebody, it's just a result of having a lot of chores, work, fiance and family obligations. And I know I need to appreciate the friends that I do have, so it was decided that I should come out. I was not prepared to go out, but I was hanging out with Kim anyway and she mentioned in passing that I should come out, if only briefly. I thought I'd just meet them at the local bar and then go home when they decided to go into Springfield. As it turned out I was having a lot of fun and didn't really want to go home yet since things were only starting to get good.

I made fast friends with Viki'…


I'm a lazy lazy lady.

To be honest I'm too burned out from work to do anything, even motivate myself to make dinner more than 3 nights a week. For me that's a big deal and I'm already feeling guilty about not putting more nutritious homemade fare on my table. You can't be Superwoman, after all.

In semi-wedding news, I received a Save The Date magnet in the mail from my pal Jenny's mom. :) I think that's a very cute idea, and Trevor ever so briefly also wanted magnets but has seemingly forgotten all about that. I personally don't care all that much because it's not a necessity of wedding planning. I think it's a lovely idea, but I'm not organized enough right now to get that all done, buy stamps, get addresses to send them out to...etc. I love my mom but she's only good for pointing out everything she doesn't agree with, which in certain situations is helpful, but not for this.

I love her, but my mom is...unique. I think a lot o…

Yay, new phone

7 months until the wedding!

I'm partially excited and partially freaked out that I haven't done anywhere near enough. First and foremost though...we've got to get skinny.

Not like I've been eating deep fried twinkies or anything, but after a decadent holiday period I'm ready to start going back to my usual routine of fruit as snacks and cereal for lunch.

I got a new cell phone to replace my horrible Razr, which was my first Motorola phone ever and I have to say that I was totally let down by it and I'll probably never buy another one again. The battery just couldn't hold a charge and if your phone is dead 80% of the time you just won't be able to use it regardless of how many bells and whistles it comes with. This time I got the new SamsungJuke, mp3 phone.

I have to say that I'm surprisingly happy with it so far. The overall shape is odd, with the switchblade like mechanism it takes a good amount of getting used to because you have to turn it upside…

Hello, 2008

Ah, the first post of the New Year.

Where have I been? Well, we went to Boston for New Years and to make a long story short I wasn't able to sleep more than 2 hours and I've spent the past week slowly catching up on my lost zzzz's. And considering how much work I have this time of year I haven't had an awful lot of down time. It's...not terribly exciting material to write about and I'm sure I've been a ridiculous grump due to lack of sleep and too many carbs this holiday season.

Of course, the boys had fun together, as they often do. Ali & Maggie were there as well of course and while the end of the night ended on a somewhat dramatic and not terribly ideal note, the early part of our evening was fun. I think after the keg-stands were done that things started to take a downward turn. Ali somehow got covered in many drinks and Maggie was very upset that one of the other guests stole into the fridge and chugged from her champagne bottle.

In semi-excitin…