Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hello, 2008

Ah, the first post of the New Year.

Where have I been? Well, we went to Boston for New Years and to make a long story short I wasn't able to sleep more than 2 hours and I've spent the past week slowly catching up on my lost zzzz's. And considering how much work I have this time of year I haven't had an awful lot of down time. It's...not terribly exciting material to write about and I'm sure I've been a ridiculous grump due to lack of sleep and too many carbs this holiday season.

Of course, the boys had fun together, as they often do. Ali & Maggie were there as well of course and while the end of the night ended on a somewhat dramatic and not terribly ideal note, the early part of our evening was fun. I think after the keg-stands were done that things started to take a downward turn. Ali somehow got covered in many drinks and Maggie was very upset that one of the other guests stole into the fridge and chugged from her champagne bottle.

In semi-exciting news, my wedding is edging ever closer. I know this because the reception hall demanded their 2nd down payment. And while I don't entirely want to spend money on something I don't even get to enjoy for 8 months it's nice to think that I'm that much closer to the big day.

In any case, I think that we've been able to narrow down the entrees for our wedding day. For the sake of surprise I won't bother discussing them at great length but every decision is a big sigh of relief when you've antagonized over them. And the food is a HUGE deal. Everyone's got different taste and you want to please people, but at the same time you want to please yourself. I don't want to cater to the most picky eaters because we'd all be eating boiled chicken and rice.

Aunt Peggy is at the forefront of our wedding cake needs. She already concocted white russian cupcakes for Trevor & I try as a tester. I say this not because I'm kissing up in any way, but she makes fantastically moist cake. I'm not really a cake maker. I like baking, but I'm really more of a box cake mix kinda girl. I know, I know...that's not really gourmet of me, but it's never fail and it's cheap.

Trevor's really excited about the prospect of white russian mousse filling. I could take it or leave it but I'll say it's much tastier than any other wedding cake I've had. I'm really not much of a cake fan, mostly because I don't like frosting. Frosting from the can is just too sweet, but Aunt Peggy makes a fantastic cake (from scratch) and frosting and filling (also from scratch) that you just can't pass. We're still working on an ideal combination of cake flavor, filling and frosting flavors. Thankfully Aunt Peggy seems to be the most excited about or wedding cake because otherwise I don't think Trevor and I would feel too motivated to think about it yet. I'm not the greatest fan of cake and frosting, but I certainly am a huge fan of food and desserts in general so the decision is a hard one. It's like picking your favorite dessert and making it cake-friendly.