Onigiris, please

I've been feeling like I'm just eeking through the work week but not quite getting anywhere. Sadly I haven't had a ton of energy for cooking...until NOW.

This morning I started off my day trying to replicate the Onigiris that Trevor & I enjoyed during our time in Japan. They're literally considered rice balls, but the ones we liked were formed into a triangle shape, filled with something typically salty, and wrapped on the outside with nori. We got them at convenience stores, much like one would find donuts at your local 7-11 but significantly less unhealthy for you. Apparently they are a staple of typical Japanese Bento Box-lunches because they are portable and self contained, much like how we view sandwiches. The ones we got were typically wrapped all the way around with seaweed, but they aren't quite as pretty as a result. I was partial to the ones with teriyaki seaweed on the inside, and Trevor to the ones with tuna fish. We ate them in the mornings as our breakfast along with Apple Tea.

Of course, the art of onigiri making is one I'm not familiar with seeing as how I'm not Japanese and apart from the time I spent in Japan I've never had onigiris ever before. But, Trevor so has his heart set on those little guys that I searched around and with some help from Just Hungry, figured out the gist of what it took to make them and dug in.

Trevor hates umeboshi (a pickled plum that is VERY popular in Japan) so I filled my onigiris with a mixture of canned tuna with mayo and hot sauce. The hardest part for me was trying to keep the innards from coming outside. Otherwise, keeping your hands wet kept everything from sticking. Oh, and hot rice can be difficult for tender hands, but I'm pretty used to handling heat. I've burned myself more times than I'd like to admit. lol

I think they came out pretty well. Trevor was a tad more critical since he deems himself a Japanese food professional, but every recipe needs a few batches before it's perfected. I wouldn't mind procuring some seaweed though since that was my favorite :)

In sort of wedding news, I've been back and forth about the length of veil I want. My mom's been advocating the fingertip length. Considering that I started off not wanting one at all, I've gone to the complete opposite spectrum now and I want a long chapel length one. Actually I saw a picture of someone in full bride regalia in a dress quite similarly cut to mine and decided "THAT is the look I'm going for." Because it's hard to see it in your head, but I believe that once you see it you know exactly if it's meant for you. I didn't exactly break the bank on the elbow length one I already bought so I'll either pass it along to a friend getting married (should they want for something "borrowed") or I'll swap out veils for the reception because I might step on the long one if I kept it on

Kim got me my much belated Christmas gift recently. She got me a pair of earrings when she was in DC for work. I'm actually a bit surprised because I've been looking for earrings. I don't know if the ones she got are quite my taste for my wedding day, but they are simple enough that I could see myself wearing them in general. I'm tentative about wedding earrings because I don't want to over do it with huge chandelier earrings that steal the thunder of my veil and hair and that's what I'm currently finding myself drawn to. I think it's a phase though. It's a little too...trendy. Like how one shouldered dresses were popular a few years back but you wouldn't be caught dead in one now.

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