Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'm a lazy lazy lady.

To be honest I'm too burned out from work to do anything, even motivate myself to make dinner more than 3 nights a week. For me that's a big deal and I'm already feeling guilty about not putting more nutritious homemade fare on my table. You can't be Superwoman, after all.

In semi-wedding news, I received a Save The Date magnet in the mail from my pal Jenny's mom. :) I think that's a very cute idea, and Trevor ever so briefly also wanted magnets but has seemingly forgotten all about that. I personally don't care all that much because it's not a necessity of wedding planning. I think it's a lovely idea, but I'm not organized enough right now to get that all done, buy stamps, get addresses to send them out to...etc. I love my mom but she's only good for pointing out everything she doesn't agree with, which in certain situations is helpful, but not for this.

I love her, but my mom is...unique. I think a lot of people think the same thing about their own moms. I ended up swapping out my mom's Samsung freebie phone for another, albeit newer model of the Razr phone. 1.) She knows how to use it and won't bug me to teach her how to save numbers. 2.) She already has a bazillion Razr accessories and then she won't have to buy new ones. 3.) She clearly has nothing against that phone so I knew I wouldn't have to turn around and re-replace this phone with another one. Circuit City was really nice about swapping the phones out and they had reasonable prices. When I went to an actual Verizon store all the phones listed a higher price than the website's prices so I walked in and then walked right out.