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3rd Anniversary

As of Sunday Trevor & I have been together a whopping 3 years. And we still like each other. lol

We went out to dinner Monday because Sunday flew by and we didn't get to really do something special. Other than that things have been pretty tame.

I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when Trevor made us dinner. Seeing as how I'm the sole dinner-maker in our home it was really special that he took the time to do that and chill our favorite bottle of wine.


Kim's birthday was on Monday and her original casino plans unfortunately fell through due to the fact that like a foot of snow fell on Friday and we would have most likely not made it down to the casino without a lot of slipping and sliding. It's rescheduled for this coming Friday barring any further weather related complications. Since we were snowed out Kim felt a bit bummed (naturally) so I went out with her locally for some dessert at TGIFridays and drinks. That's pretty much it; some random guys hit on …

6 Months to go

Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

Today was a pretty busy day for me. We had sushi (as always) at our favorite spot, Bamboo Garden. It's at the point where they don't even bother to wait for us to order and just start bringing out soup, salad, hot tea and water. We then dropped by my mom's because she insisted I buy her some frying pans and I live closer to Linens 'N Things. To be fair, it was a set of 3 non-stick frying pans for $ can't really beat that.

After that we dropped by the old house, because our renter is not making timely payments but he wasn't home.

From there Trevor & I went to an open house at our wedding venue. Trevor was a little upset we ate because they had SO much food. They had a buffet line of a few of foods, passed h'orderves, veggie/cold food plates, wedding cake, and small venetian table desserts. It was also a good opportunity to look at the reception area with some more freedom. I was particularly interested in testing the …

February Update

Let's see, what's been happening in life?

Well, I finally got peer pressured into buying a replacement purse because Trevor kept teasing me about my dirty beige Coach bag. (Note to self, buying their nylon purses is simply a waste of money because I always just end up dirtying them and then I can never clean them by throwing them in the wash because of the leather trim.) It doesn't hurt that I usually avoid black. I always find myself much more attracted to tan or white bags; they look so much more fresh. In any case, I got a new medium sized leather Coach bag. Doesn't everyone and their mom have a Coach bag? But you know what? I'm too poor to afford Balenciaga and I doubt I'll ever in my live have enough disposable income that I'll be able to get one. I have a Calvin Klein leather bag but it's tiny, and I have too much day to day junk to use it when I go to work.

My father is out of the country right now, visiting our family in Vietnam. Mom says h…

Happy Birthday to Trevor...Happy Birthday to Trevor

I've been on a blogging strike recently. Not because I don't like rambling on and on at great length about things that aren't terribly important but because I've been burned out at work and I'm far too tired to think about blogging.

I have to be in the mood to blog. It's just not fun otherwise.

But, today is a special day because it is the anniversary of the birth of a very important person in my life.

My love. My best friend. My Trevor. I am currently waiting for Trevor to be done with work, but before that we opened his present, had some Mexican takeout, which is a lot better than it sounds actually. And we'll be watching a movie. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but Trevor had to work until 8pm, so the fact that we did anything is pretty impressive.

Since he already opened his present I guess I can share that I got him a gift certificate to a local day spa because I thought that considering how busy he's been that he could use a relaxing mas…