Thursday, February 28, 2008

3rd Anniversary

As of Sunday Trevor & I have been together a whopping 3 years. And we still like each other. lol

We went out to dinner Monday because Sunday flew by and we didn't get to really do something special. Other than that things have been pretty tame.

I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when Trevor made us dinner. Seeing as how I'm the sole dinner-maker in our home it was really special that he took the time to do that and chill our favorite bottle of wine.


Kim's birthday was on Monday and her original casino plans unfortunately fell through due to the fact that like a foot of snow fell on Friday and we would have most likely not made it down to the casino without a lot of slipping and sliding. It's rescheduled for this coming Friday barring any further weather related complications. Since we were snowed out Kim felt a bit bummed (naturally) so I went out with her locally for some dessert at TGIFridays and drinks. That's pretty much it; some random guys hit on us. They asked me if I honestly minded that they barged in, and I said yes, honestly I did. It was funny and kind of sad at the same time. I always feel internally bad about guys wasting their time on me. lol

Happy Birthday, Kim!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

6 Months to go

Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

Today was a pretty busy day for me. We had sushi (as always) at our favorite spot, Bamboo Garden. It's at the point where they don't even bother to wait for us to order and just start bringing out soup, salad, hot tea and water. We then dropped by my mom's because she insisted I buy her some frying pans and I live closer to Linens 'N Things. To be fair, it was a set of 3 non-stick frying pans for $ can't really beat that.

After that we dropped by the old house, because our renter is not making timely payments but he wasn't home.

From there Trevor & I went to an open house at our wedding venue. Trevor was a little upset we ate because they had SO much food. They had a buffet line of a few of foods, passed h'orderves, veggie/cold food plates, wedding cake, and small venetian table desserts. It was also a good opportunity to look at the reception area with some more freedom. I was particularly interested in testing the food; even on a full stomach I found a way to test a good many things. There were some things I loved and some things I wish I didn't bother tasting and wasting precious belly space so it was really helpful. I'm very glad we went and each time I'm there I'm more convinced that it's the right place to be wed. Right now we're working on cake flavor(s) that we agree on for our wedding cake(s). Our venue includes a cake in the per person cost, but Trevor's Aunt Peggy also wants to give us a cake so I think it would be quite offensive to her if we turned it down.

Yesterday we were supposed to go on a party bus to the casino but because of the snow it was postponed to next week. This was to be Kim's big birthday celebration, so I was a little sad because I know she was really looking forward to it happening. Instead she and I went out to TGIFridays for a few drinks and a piece of dessert. We also went to a local bar but it was very dead because of the snow. No one wants to be out when there's like 6 inches of snow on the ground and I don't blame them. It was a pretty chill night. No pun intended.

As for other ongoing wedding planning, I have some invitation supplies thanks to a very good Presidents Day Sale and a generous older gentleman who gave me a coupon that he wasn't going to use. It's very exciting. I know it doesn't sound very exciting but to me it's a big deal.

I view the whole planning process like an ongoing oil painting. One paint stroke doesn't look like a lot, but once you add in all the other pieces it cumulatively forms something of aesthetic value. Kim says that she's felt a bit removed from the planning process because I've pretty much gotten everything done and I have kept my word to keep many of the "inconsequential" details to myself so that the big picture is still a surprise. Obviously members of the bridal party are privy to my asking them their opinion here and there, but until it gets closer all they really have that's tangible about the wedding are their bridesmaids dresses.

I still have to work on a good date and time for the rehearsal. Kim, or my future mother in law, or both will be in charge of pre-wedding things like showers. I don't really want to worry about it and just let them run with whatever they're going to do. I do not however want a big expensive fuss made because getting married is expensive enough and it's one thing that I feel guilty about the costs associated with it; it's quite another to make my loved ones feel stressed too because they somehow got it in their head that I need to have everything done to the nines. I realize I don't get married everyday but that's no reason to put yourself in debt over it.

Speaking of debt, my beloved Nini is starting to plan her own big day. I don't want to pressure her about it though; she's got until next May to worry. And although she's one of my bridesmaids I do not want to in any way peer pressure her into feeling she has to return the favor. I already know that I'm earmarked for bridesmaids duty once Kim finds a man and as long as I can go through the motions once I think that'll tide me over just fine. I can only hope she picks a dress as lovely as the one on the side. Because while I don't usually wear purple, I think the glamorous slinky shape more than makes up for it. Nini is more of a pink girl. I can see her having a pink wedding.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February Update

Let's see, what's been happening in life?

Well, I finally got peer pressured into buying a replacement purse because Trevor kept teasing me about my dirty beige Coach bag. (Note to self, buying their nylon purses is simply a waste of money because I always just end up dirtying them and then I can never clean them by throwing them in the wash because of the leather trim.) It doesn't hurt that I usually avoid black. I always find myself much more attracted to tan or white bags; they look so much more fresh. In any case, I got a new medium sized leather Coach bag. Doesn't everyone and their mom have a Coach bag? But you know what? I'm too poor to afford Balenciaga and I doubt I'll ever in my live have enough disposable income that I'll be able to get one. I have a Calvin Klein leather bag but it's tiny, and I have too much day to day junk to use it when I go to work.

My father is out of the country right now, visiting our family in Vietnam. Mom says he has also already requested my ao dai & bribed the shopkeepers to get a rush on it so it would be done in time and wouldn't need to be mailed home to the States. lol That's what daddy's are for; bribing people to make you happy.

Kim's turning 26 next week and wants very much to have a birthday at the casino, so she's chartering a limo for herself and her friends. Of course we're all chipping in, but Kim was very set on being driven because she wanted everyone to be able to have fun and imbibe but be safe at the same time. All the girls are supposed to wear little black dresses and doll themselves up for the occasion. I'm not the biggest fan of the casino because 1.) I don't gamble. 2.) I don't smoke and that place reeks of smokers. 3.) It's far away enough that I don't really want to drive back and forth but for Kim I'll go because she's my pal and she's gone through so much work to get this limo thing worked out.

I've also been conned into joining facebook by Kim and Jeff, who I haven't talked to in real life in ages. Obviously I talk to Kim on a very regular basis because I have to vent about wedding things to someone. Oh!! Before I forget Kim finally ordered her bridesmaids dress and I'm very proud of her because now I can stop stressing that my bridesmaids won't match. lol I have also bought ribbon for tying my favors. I would have gotten tulle for covering my favors but my mom, upon seeing my new purse wanted one just like it, so I actually had to buy two Coach bags and I just wasn't up for spending any more money after that :-P

So the wedding is going smoothly, although I'm sure Trevor hasn't done anything about a photographer, save the dates or building our wedding site yet. Now, I was more than willing to be the sole planner of the wedding, but since Trevor showed such shock at photographer costs and didn't want to commit to any of the ones I found I finally just decided to give the task to him so I wouldn't have to hear anymore naysaying and so I wouldn't waste any more of my time on it when I knew he wouldn't want to go with any of the photographers I found. I don't know anything about building a proper website, and while I could probably figure out the save the dates, Trevor doesn't like any of the pictures that I like. lol

To be fair I don't really love any of the pictures we currently have of ourselves and think we really need to 1.) lose some weight 2.) put on some powder to negate that face shine and 3.) sit down and just have someone take pictures of us until we hit some pay dirt. I'm always critical of myself (who isn't?) so while my ongoing healthy eating during the workweek has been going swimmingly I can't get myself motivated for the gym.

This week was bad because of Valentines & Trevor's birthday. I felt like I was constantly eating out...well, because I was. But it was fun and I have to remind myself that we don't do it everyday so we should enjoy it. Our sushi place was nice enough to give us a slice of banana cheesecake and Italian almond cake with a chocolate ganache on Valentine's day at dinner after our meal. It was sooooooo good. It was a nice light fluffy french style cheesecake, which I've still yet to master.

Friday I finally got to make us dinner. Sliced beef in a bulgogi sauce with sliced red bell pepper bean sprouts, which I know sound weird, but they add some healthy crunch.

I've noticed that recently, things I did not like are suddenly good tasting. lol I suddenly love mineral water, peanuts (not peanut butter), apples and soy bean sprouts. Now that I'm trying to be a healthy lady I've had to expand my eating horizons a bit and I've been giving a lot of foods a try to see how I like them. I heard someone say that every few years your body changes and I'm actually apt to agree because I used to never be able to eat a fresh apple without getting puffy itchy lips and suddenly I'm able to eat them everyday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Trevor...Happy Birthday to Trevor

I've been on a blogging strike recently. Not because I don't like rambling on and on at great length about things that aren't terribly important but because I've been burned out at work and I'm far too tired to think about blogging.

I have to be in the mood to blog. It's just not fun otherwise.

But, today is a special day because it is the anniversary of the birth of a very important person in my life.

My love. My best friend. My Trevor. I am currently waiting for Trevor to be done with work, but before that we opened his present, had some Mexican takeout, which is a lot better than it sounds actually. And we'll be watching a movie. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but Trevor had to work until 8pm, so the fact that we did anything is pretty impressive.

Since he already opened his present I guess I can share that I got him a gift certificate to a local day spa because I thought that considering how busy he's been that he could use a relaxing massage.

Because I couldn't spend my usual all day off with Trevor on his birthday today I'm taking tomorrow, Valentines Day, off with Trevor so that we can at least spend a little bit of time together. Trevor has already plotted out how he'd like to spend all of our meals tomorrow so it should be a fun. So chances are I'll be out and about and eating a great deal of foods and feeling extra guilty about it come Friday.

Happy Valentines day!