Thursday, February 28, 2008

3rd Anniversary

As of Sunday Trevor & I have been together a whopping 3 years. And we still like each other. lol

We went out to dinner Monday because Sunday flew by and we didn't get to really do something special. Other than that things have been pretty tame.

I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when Trevor made us dinner. Seeing as how I'm the sole dinner-maker in our home it was really special that he took the time to do that and chill our favorite bottle of wine.


Kim's birthday was on Monday and her original casino plans unfortunately fell through due to the fact that like a foot of snow fell on Friday and we would have most likely not made it down to the casino without a lot of slipping and sliding. It's rescheduled for this coming Friday barring any further weather related complications. Since we were snowed out Kim felt a bit bummed (naturally) so I went out with her locally for some dessert at TGIFridays and drinks. That's pretty much it; some random guys hit on us. They asked me if I honestly minded that they barged in, and I said yes, honestly I did. It was funny and kind of sad at the same time. I always feel internally bad about guys wasting their time on me. lol

Happy Birthday, Kim!