Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Trevor...Happy Birthday to Trevor

I've been on a blogging strike recently. Not because I don't like rambling on and on at great length about things that aren't terribly important but because I've been burned out at work and I'm far too tired to think about blogging.

I have to be in the mood to blog. It's just not fun otherwise.

But, today is a special day because it is the anniversary of the birth of a very important person in my life.

My love. My best friend. My Trevor. I am currently waiting for Trevor to be done with work, but before that we opened his present, had some Mexican takeout, which is a lot better than it sounds actually. And we'll be watching a movie. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but Trevor had to work until 8pm, so the fact that we did anything is pretty impressive.

Since he already opened his present I guess I can share that I got him a gift certificate to a local day spa because I thought that considering how busy he's been that he could use a relaxing massage.

Because I couldn't spend my usual all day off with Trevor on his birthday today I'm taking tomorrow, Valentines Day, off with Trevor so that we can at least spend a little bit of time together. Trevor has already plotted out how he'd like to spend all of our meals tomorrow so it should be a fun. So chances are I'll be out and about and eating a great deal of foods and feeling extra guilty about it come Friday.

Happy Valentines day!