Easter Wrap-up

I need a vacation. Having lamented about this for the past few weeks Trevor and I are going to Vegas!

I love Vegas. It's tacky, loud, expensive, smoky, crowded, hot...but fun. The whole town is like a big tourist trap; there are slot machines in the airport for goodness sake. But in spite of all the less than desirable things about it, it's a lot of fun. You certainly can't be a big prude and go to Vegas; you'll be uncomfortable and unhappy the whole time. But I think it's really interesting and fun to be in an environment that's so totally different than the one I live in on a daily basis. Or, at least it was a lot of fun when I was 21, single, a little crazy and very willing to stay up late. I'm sure that it'll be a different experience now that I've mellowed out and I'm going with my fiance in lieu of girlfriends but I still ultimately look forward to being around different foods, a big pool, sunshine and seeing the sights.

I do not look forward to flying on Northwest since they really suck and their customer service is atrocious but I don't think that anyone can complain about getting a practically free trip, even if they did everything in their power to make it difficult for us to redeem the darned vouchers from our trouble plagued trip to Japan last May.

Anyway, there's no point in complaining about something I can't control.

I am scheduled to finish off some registering for gifts this weekend, so if you'd like to shower me with a Dyson vacuum or something that'd be pretty cool. I do this mostly for my future mother in law. I love her. I don't really like registering for gifts. It kind of makes me feel dirty, like I'm begging my friends to buy me things, which I would obviously not ever do for other gift giving occasions like my birthday or Christmas. So I am registering to make her happy and make it ever so slightly easier to shop for me.

I admit; I'm one picky gal. I have a very specific sense of style. I won't venture to say I'm always the trendiest person, but I know what I like and I'm pretty hardheaded about it. Since we live in an apartment at present we can't help but look a bit cluttered; our stuff runneth over...but hopefully when we have our own home and a better storage system (right now it's a matter of finding any closet, pantry or cabinet space available that's not already stuffed full) we can fill it in a more sophisticated way. At present our living room=our dining room=Trevor's office.

I'll be doing the registering with Kim because like many husbands to be Trevor could care less about spatulas, pots, pans or dishes. He doesn't like to shop in general so I usually do the vast majority of the shopping. To be fair, Trevor does a lot for me that I hate doing, so I think it all balances itself out.

Easter was really good. We were frustratingly stuck in traffic, but to be honest we're always stuck in traffic during every holiday in MA. The highway is always clogged up; we should really know better by now but we always leave right after dinner or right after breakfast...when everyone else is leaving too. My pound cake seemingly went over well; no one died or anything. I was particularly fond of coconut mousse. I could have eaten cups and cups of mousse until I was sick...but I didn't. The ham was really good, and it was nice to see everyone. If it weren't for holidays I don't know if we'd ever see Trevor's aunt or mom.

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