Yawn...daylight savings

"...easy like Sunday morning"

I just finished making & cleaning up breakfast (eggs, toast, homefries). Yesterday was pretty much a bust since it was pouring just about all day long. I had originally wanted to go wedding band shopping but couldn't quite get it together. Friday Kim was re-celebrating her birthday for the...3rd time? with Dianna and pals. Trevor and I only made it as far as the local bar; the weather was not cooperating enough with us, but Kim seemed to have fun with her complimentary blow-job shot. There are pictures...everywhere on her friends' myspace pages so if you're thusly curious you won't have any issues finding them.

Today I'm supposed to have dinner with parents and I'm going to hang out with Kim in the evening. Since today is the Daylight savings "spring forward" day I feel a little behind in everything I've been doing.

My dad is back from Vietnam so I really wanted to treat him to pizza since he always ends up craving some kind of American food in his time away from home. He also brought home my ao dai, Vietnamese wedding gown. It's nice; I wouldn't say that it's my first choice in wedding apparel but it's not as uncomfortable as I thought it'd be...except for that hat, which is ridiculously heavy but I'll probably take it off shortly after pictures are done.


Dinner with my parents was good. I felt a little rushed though since we had to run after dinner back home for Trevor to make it on time for his gaming group that meets every Sunday at 7 and with the lost hour we were still pretty late and I ran to Kim's so I could still see her. Since her job old people-sitting fell through (kind of like baby sitting but without the butt wiping) she was surprisingly free for a bit so we hung out and talked for a few hours. No movies or tv...just chit chat. I forget sometimes how little I get to talk to her in comparison to how we used to always see one another.

She's Cathy's maid of honor so she's starting to worry about the progress, or lackthereof of her wedding. Cathy says her mom will take care of it. Cathy's mom says that she's going out to MT next month to shake some decisions out of Cathy so until then I guess we're just waiting. I'm happy to help them of course but helpfulness only goes so far; I don't really want to be up all night the evening before Cathy's wedding tying ribbons on favors. I threw out a few ideas to Kim since she'll be throwing C&C a Jack & Jill. I've never been to a J&J; just showers but a party's a party.

Even though money is admittedly tight, I don't feel comfortable having a J&J. I guess since I'm not as familiar with the inner workings of it; who pays for it and how much work goes into it I'm wary of it. Not like I want anyone to feel obliged to spend a ton of money on a shower for me either. Let's say right off the bat that I have no expectations at all. lol My parents had an engagement party for me last summer and that's all Vietnamese people do; bridal showers are more of a Western phenomenon and I've only ever been to like 3 showers ever in my life so I'm not even that familiar with them beyond being a guest at one. There's an awful lot of protocol that goes along with having a Western wedding. It's a bit baffling.

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