4 months to go!

Trevor's feeling better by the day thankfully and I think that by the time we go to Vegas he'll be feeling up to it. :) I'm really excited; it's not often that we do anything that's out of the ordinary.

Save the Dates are done, Invitations are done, Flower Girl Basket is purchased, and I even helped Kim buy a bridesmaid dress for Cathy's wedding since she was lamenting the cost for the type of dress she really wanted. Cathy let the girls pick their own style as long as they were all in the same shade of Marine Blue and I innocently suggested her checking out ebay. After all, I'm sure there are thousands of bridesmaids in the world who wanted nothing more than to rid themselves of the dresses they were forced to buy for a friend's wedding. (I can only naively hope none of my bridesmaids feel that way, but let's face the truth and admit that there are some wildly ugly bridesmaid dresses in the world.) Lo and behold, the first dress we clicked on was not only the correct color but also the correct size and style. There can be a lot of misses on ebay but if you're lucky you'll stumble upon a handful of treasures.

I'm working on my penmanship now since I find I'm less apt to write on a day to day basis and I think that in spite of the fact that it's not of primary importance that it's always nice to receive a beautiful letter in the mail. And I'd like for my guests to open up their mailbox, peer in, shift through their junk mail, bills and catalogs and stop in their tracks when they realize they received a real letter from a real person. I'm a sucker for visual aesthetics. I might not always care about top of the line this, and popular that, but I crave visual cohesiveness and I'd like my invitations to look nice. They don't have to be gilded in gold and dipped in diamonds or anything...just pleasant looking.

Only a handful of people will be getting save-the-dates since I'm not having a particularly large wedding. I like them a lot. Since it won't ruin the surprise for people getting them since and I won't describe in the slightest bit what they look like, I can disclose that they are in fact little magnets. I know, we're totally jumping on the magnet bandwagon but Trevor was put in charge of them and I think that he did a very good job designing them. After all, it's his wedding too. Believe it or not he is allowed to have some input on our wedding day.

Dad finished the final touches on my invitations and they look very lovely as well. I'm glad to have people who care help me make the things I want instead of settling for pre-fab products because they're more convenient. It makes me feel very loved that people care and want to help.

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