Friday, April 4, 2008

Registration Day

Registering was fun. I say that with some surprise since I've had such a love/hate relationship with it. Sunday I met up with Kim and picked out some china and stemware, some bedding...etc. I picked all my favorite appliances online already because as a self proclaimed fan of cooking I have a list of dream appliances that I wish I had glistening in my kitchen. I don't honestly expect to receive all the things I registered for, but I'd rather register for a lot and give people an idea of what I like and give them a lot of options. What always happens when I shop for someone who registers is that I don't want to buy them any of the things on their registry because I wait to the last minute to shop and all the good gifts are taken and then I spend 3 times longer in the store walking around in circles trying to find a better alternative.

As it stands I have pretty new appliances, but I'm guilty of buying pretty cheap ones at Walmart & other bargain-y stores moreso out of necessity than any culinary fulfillment since Trevor and I basically bought everything new for our apartment when we moved in together and we couldn't afford to go by the way of William Sonoma. They get the job done, but not always consistently. We did however get relatively sturdy furniture and even years later I love our kitchen table and coordinating coffee table.

I am a bedding fanatic. There is nothing more comforting than falling into bed with nice soft sheets and a fluffy blanket. And being able to do it with Kim made it all that much more fun even though she had to bail out early. I finished up on my own and then bought a few things for my friend Jenny's bridal shower since she had conveniently enough registered at the same place I was at.

More recently Trevor's been feeling really bad, his back was giving him a lot of trouble and he felt searing pain. It always hard when someone you love isn't feeling their best, but it's even worse when you can't really do anything to fix it. At least you know that a cold will pass with enough liquids and chicken noodle soup but it's scary to think there might be something seriously wrong that will require surgery or physical therapy. Thankfully, the doctor told him that it's a sprained back and that he should feel better within a week or so as long as he takes it easy. On the negative side, we're going to Vegas shortly and my hope is that he'll feel better before then so he's not miserable the whole time because it's not as though we're sitting around on a beach sipping daiquiris; there'll be some serious walking going on.

In wedding news, Trevor & I have acquired many more decorating things. My dad has completed the invitations and now I'm working on the final, final, final for real guestlist. I have a psuedo-list but not anything that's solid with names, date-names and addresses. I care, but I kind of always let that part slip because it's no fun. On the bright side, the invitations, while different than my original vision, are really beautiful. Dad did a fantastic job on them and I'm excited to see them go out in the mail...eventually.

I got a wedding book from Emily (Thanks, Emily!!) and it's actually a lot more entertaining a read than the Peggy Post one I got for an engagement present because...let's face it, Peggy Post...Emily like your grandmother's generation of etiquette and it's dry and boring as can be. It's somewhat useful but it'll put you to sleep in about 10 minutes. I've breezed through some of the sections that I'm not too interested in but otherwise find that it's a good general book so I don't end up offending too many of Trevor's family members.

One of the more interesting points in the book is that while you should invite long-standing couples (even if you don't like one of the pair) that for your single friends you should not feel expected to let each of them bring a date, particularly if you don't know who that date will be.

In random shoe related news I have broken down and purchased a pair of crocs. :-O

Don't run away from me yet. I'm not a complete fashion victim, I swear! They actually make more normal looking shoes now. I got a pair of "Malindi" shoes in black (not like, neon orange or purple) but they just look like normal black flats with some holes for ventilation. I don't like how there are no half sizes, so I had to choose the next size up (which always makes me feel like I have gigantic feet). I like them fine, but I don't quite see what all the fuss is about yet. Then again I'm not one of those people who have to be on their feet all day long. I figure they'll be good for honeymooning/my upcoming Vegas trip because while I love flip flops they just don't offer enough support for tons of walking and easily slide off in water and float away.