Dress Fitting #1

I have been a bad blogger; perhaps because I'm aware that wedding guests might be perusing this and quietly judging every word that I decide to lay down.

I had my first dress fitting today. I went to a place more or less down the street from the little dress shop that I got my wedding gown from and the little European woman that fit me seemed pretty nice. My poor dress is going to be slashed to bits by the time I get it back, and I mean that in a good way because the thing is gigantic; I believe the tags say it's a size 12. So it'll be taken in a few inches on each side and bustled. I know nothing of bustles but this woman clearly knows her stuff...even though it was just safety pinned for my viewing it looked very pretty. I just went by myself though since Kim was busy and I had to literally RUN out of work to get up to MA for my appointment. I loved seeing my dress though. I haven't worn it since I bought it...like a year ago. I wish I could wear it all the time.

I'll have my 2nd fitting in early July, which clearly gives them plenty of time to get it fixed and ready for an August wedding. I'm pretty stagnant when it comes to weight though in the most ideal of circumstances I hope to hit the gym soon so I can tone up. My overall summer goals include getting more motivated to go to the gym, avoiding sun exposure and thusly any tanning whatsoever, spending more time with my parents, taking time to wash my poor dirty car and calmly waiting for the wedding to edge it's way closer.

I have also impulsively purchased a tank top off of VictoriasSecret.com because while I oppose spending a lot on something I will only wear once I think it'll be really cute to have a "Bride" tank top for wearing to my bachelorette party and getting ready the morning before the wedding. It'll make for a few cute candid pictures and while it would be fantastic to be gifted something like that I'm always a tad touchy about clothing. If you want something to fit it's always best to buy it yourself.

Maggie had her grad party this past weekend and we went to the Cape to see her and the MA cousins/friends/family. It was fun and there was so much delicious food but I was...I don't even know; sometimes there are no words for the feelings you have. I wasn't super sociable or bubbly or excited but I also wasn't crabby, upset, moody or sad. If feelings correlated with colors I was very beige.

Beige, Beige Beige...

I was very happy to come home, even if I was really, ridiculously sleepy. Perhaps once it officially gets warmer I'll feel slightly more excited about the summer coming. Right now I'm much more nervous than anything else because now that I feel it's summertime my time line before the wedding seems that much smaller. I know I shouldn't think of it that way but I can't help but feel that I'm not as far along as I'd like to be.

Invitations, honeymoon, wedding bands, hairdresser...it'll get done eventually.

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