Showering, bathing...ya know, the usual

Since I've had a few personal things come up in my life I haven't been posting. Don't feel too neglected though since I have also done very little by the way of wedding planning as well. lol

I did make good progress by cleaning the apartment. That might sound odd, but a clean environment does wonders to clear your mind. I don't subscribe to all that feng shui stuff but I do honestly feel that if your life is full of clutter that you will begin to feel stifled by those things, those possessions, that junk that piles itself around you.

I'll be singing a different tune when we find a home since all of our earthly possessions combined will never fully furnish a home. We can't even have more than two guests over for a meal in the apartment we currently live in because we don't have enough chairs, spoons, or bowls to go around.

Speaking of random kitchen things, I have completed registering (I think). I keep changing my mind. Maybe I want more goblets, but then maybe I don't because I don't really even know what people drink out of goblets. I'm not terribly well versed in these things. Like I know wine glasses are for wine, martini glasses are used for martinis, etc....but I'm not entirely sure what beverage you serve out of a goblet. Gobletinis, anyone?

My mother has asked me what a shower is because her mind went directly to the shower you take to bathe. I explained it's an event pretty much centered around gift giving that brings together family and friends from both sides that happen to all be female. I don't know why men are excluded. It seems a bit antiquated to me but who am I to question tradition?

We had a shower on Friday for a girl at work who's getting married this month. I feel somewhat bad because my team members are also aware of my impending nuptials and probably feel obliged to throw me one too so I don't feel alienated. And I feel kind of bad because by no means should anyone feel obligated to chip in one red cent towards me. I didn't even tell anyone when my birthday was so they wouldn't feel obliged to bake anything.

Such is life in a cubicle farm; any occasion for cake will typically bring out the whole team. ;)

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