Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding Band...check!

3 months of yesterday until our wedding day.

And yesterday was actually a fantastic day for getting wedding things done. I'm actually really happy it was a little overcast and rainy because otherwise nothing would ever get done.

We bought my wedding band. We love Gem Jewelry. They're so nice and unsheisty. I feel like they actually know what they're talking about in lieu of just being forced through high pressure sales pitches. Trevor loves them too so even as of last year we really wanted to buy my band from them. Unfortunately as of last year they didn't have a band that would sit flush against my engagement ring so we discussed the option of a custom band that would be bent to fit but I decided against starting that whole process because I hate the thought of buying something I can't use for a year. That money would be better used gaining interest in my savings account for a year and working positively toward my cash flow. Trevor agreed that was the most pragmatic approach and we've waited.

I don't agree with the entire economic theory to it, but ever since I've received my $600 stimulus money I've thought "okay let's buy the darned ring and get it over with and use this money to make it slightly less painful." Technically it's my money I would have received come next year anyway but the fact it's here now feels like a small windfall. So I've been eyeing bands for the better part of a month and finally got Trevor interested in coming with me because I wouldn't feel right making this kind of decision on my own. I had browsed a number of rings with my mother at the mall but none of them were "it". It would just happen that Gem Jewelry now has a number of curved wedding bands. Last year they had zero, and I tried on at least 4 while I was there just yesterday. Apparently I came in at the right time for a new trend in wedding bands. And the very first ring I tried on was the one we walked out of the store with that day. No sizing, no bending, no waiting, no long drawn out custom designing process, no ridiculous payment plan or credit card application...all shopping should be that easy. Considering how nothing fit, nothing looked right, nothing was the right size I really could not be happier.

I also had my very first dress fitting at a tiny, tiny little tailor near the bridal boutique I got my wedding gown from. The shop itself was tiny; my fitting was clear for all in the parking lot to see because of the glass window in the shop front but it was such a non-busy non-crowded plaza only one lady came in the whole time I was there. Not like there was anything to see except my getting pinned a lot. I was in and out within 30 minutes. Not too shabby. That poor dress has to be taken in a ton. It was like 3 inches on each side and another 2 inches off the hem. At least it fits though. Or, that is to say it will fit come August.

As a refresher, I obtained my wedding gown quite some time ago; almost a year because Kim dragged me out wedding gown shopping very shortly after my engagement. I thought we were just playing around but I happened to find a very ideal dress for me and upon asking the very nice young lady assisting me (at Bancroft Bridal in Agawam MA) how much that particular dress was running, I snatched it up because it was not only on sale but it was also the last of it's kind and I didn't want anyone else taking it. In fact, as I was paying for it another lady in the store was eyeing my dress bag and saying that she was looking for a dress just like mine. I could have bought a different, more expensive dress, but I would have also had to have asked to them pluck out all that annoying crystal stuff they had on it.