Cathy & Casey's Wedding

Yesterday I hung out with Lexie & Kim baking. I decided on boston cream cupcakes and Kim made a mix of different candy bar innards for her cupcakes in lieu of pudding. All in all it was a lot of fun and very indulgent. Even Lexie's mom was saying how she was having flashbacks because the last time all three of us were piled together laughing and being silly was like 8 years ago.

A lot changes, but a lot stays the same. Kim and Lexie still lovingly bug one another, I'm still the kindhearted mediator and there's a lot of laughing. Kim and Lexie talk about boys and I calmly listen on and chirp in my two cents where appropriate. I think that's always a good sign of a significant friendship; you can just pick up right where you left off like no time has passed. We caught up on what I missed while I was away; I talked about my honeymoon; Lex about her new job...etc. I think it's a bit of a longshot considering everyone's current economic status but the next time I do a cruise I think it'd be fun to do as a group. It's nice going with my husband of course but we don't share all of our interests so it'd nice for boys to share in physical things like climbing rock walls and playing basketball and then for the girls to sit around the pool and chit chat and shop. I don't know if this will ever be realized but it's a nice idea.

Lex is thinking about throwing a Halloween party. I'm unsure of what I'd like to dress up as but I better get hopping since it's already September. Trevor vetoed my idea already. (I won't share it yet in case he changes his mind.) The problem is that any of the good male counterparts to girl costumes tend to be kind of effeminate princes that wear stockings.

Today, was Cathy & Casey's wedding day. For all of you who are not in the know, Cathy is my childhood friend. She was my first friend in kindergarden in fact. But since she moved to Montana a few years back we've been out of touch. She got engaged in February (I only remember this because it was during her birthday) and it's been a bit hard getting married in Connecticut and living in Montana. I know this mostly because Cathy chose Kim to be her maid of honor and since Kim was also my maid of honor I've been getting a ton of secondhand information.

To be totally diplomatic I'll say that I was not around for any of it because I was on my honeymoon and I was not actually around to see what happened firsthand, but to make a long story short Kim and Cathy had a falling out and Kim (a week before the wedding) got fired from her duties of maid of honor. Of course, that made things a bit...awkward.

Not like I would have ever skipped Cathy's wedding just because she and Kim have beef with one another; that'd be unbelievably petty and stupid. The fact is that regardless of what's been going on behind the scenes and regardless of what people have said in the heat of the moment that Cathy will only have this one day which she marries Casey and I know that if things were reversed that I would be heartbroken if people I loved didn't come to my wedding day.

Having said that, I wish that Kim was there because it simply wasn't the same without her boundless energy, positive attitude and silly humor. I did get to spend time with high school friends I haven't seen in a while though Jeff wasn't there and I had hoped to see him since I had so little time at my own wedding to play catch up.

Cathy got married at the Salvation Army, which apparently has affiliations to the church (the things you learn everyday). Somehow my mind never put together that there would be a full on church with pews and stained glass in a building labeled Salvation Army. It was a short ceremony though; probably about as long as my own brief civil ceremony. I did take pictures but my camera totally freaked out and over half of them were way way too dark or really fuzzy and unfocused. Eh, I'm sure my own guests had the same complaint since my reception hall is pretty dark and cave-like; you can't control all the lighting in the world. Cathy had a very girlie, very fluffy, very...scrunchy dress. I have difficulty finding the words to describe it with any justice but if you happen to be the kind of person who's in the market for a bridal gown you'll know what I mean by "scrunchy." It's quite a popular trend these past years and every bridal salon has them. In particular I recognized the dress from the David's Bridal catalog. It looked beautiful on her; the white dress was a stunning contrast to her creamy dark skin and jet black hair.

She and Casey wrote their vows. I know mostly because I saw them both bust out index cards and if you know Cathy at all you'll know she had some dramatic hand movements to pantomime that she was calming herself down before saying her little piece. The girl talks with her hands.

Other than that the wedding wasn't packed with many surprises. Even though there were some dramatic things going on before with the bridal party it appeared everything still went off without a hitch once it mattered. The reception was local at LaRenaissance, which I appreciated because I only had to drive 10 minutes to get home. I didn't stay the whole time because Trevor and I are still recovering from being sick after the cruise. I felt bad having Trevor stay and blow his nose on cocktail napkins. Plus, the DJ was very bossy. He made people form a conga line, and he made them twist and he forced everyone on the floor for was a little more aggressive than I like. I saw the mother and son dance but even after staying well past 10pm there wasn't a father daughter dance that I saw. Cathy's dad doesn't strike me as a big dancer.

Appetizers were good. Fried stuff, and stuffed mushrooms are pretty hard to mess up. This was my 2nd buffet style wedding. So far I haven't had much luck enjoying it. Seeing the line and knowing I'm at the end of it is a different kind of frustration; plus there are always little blips in the line that cause little traffic jams. I think instead of 2 round tables and a carving station there should have been a less confusing method like a single straight line.

Cake cutting was cute. No champagne for the toasts. Favors were a donation to (you guessed it) The Salvation Army. They had a wishing well type thing for cards. I didn't see any pieces of paper and pens so I don't think they actually wanted wishes to be put in there. The couple didn't want people to clink their glasses to make them kiss they instead wanted people to sing a song with love in it; but no one knew this because you have to tell people for them to be prepared with song. The only reason I know about this is because Tracey told me. And I inadvertently ripped part of my card to Cathy on my dress shoe. I had to change right at work so I had the card and my change of outfit along with shoes in a tote bag and naturally my heel dug a hole into the envelope. lol Just my luck, huh? Trying to be Superwoman and not miss work fresh from taking so much time off for my own wedding, trying to appear put together in a little dress and a splash of makeup and weaving through traffic to make it on time for the ceremony. I suppose if anything had to go wrong, an ugly envelope isn't the end of the world. The gift inside was still good (shrug). By then it was too late to spaz out and try to buy another envelope.

It's hard shopping for someone who lives out of state who didn't register anywhere. I still wish she registered just so I could have something shipped to her in MT. After all the money is spent I think it'll be sad to not have any good gifts to show for your wedding day or shower. (Cathy didn't have a bridal shower either). Other than a few obligatory ugly picture frames and figurines because people just took stabs in the dark about what your personal style is. It's like a rule, someone always gets you something hideous...perhaps to better make you appreciate the good gifts.

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