Gifts and cards

I haven't been posting. I've been really busy with work...and I hate saying that because that sounds so uninteresting and generic but it's true. When your work is tied to the stock market and everything is tanking to record lows you'll find that it drags you right down along with it. But I don't dare complain about work because I'm quite happy that I still have a job given the current economic environment.

In non-work news, now that I'm a married lady the next natural question that people tend to ask is "when are you going to have kids?" And my answer is, "eventually...but certainly not tomorrow."

Sorry to disappoint but as of this moment I don't care to be bogged down by a tiny, screaming, pooping monster. Not to sound like a heartless baby hater because I'm actually quite fond of children but I'm not naive enough to think that our lives will be as carefree after one enters the picture as it is right now. Children are a life-long commitment.

In short, I just want to be selfish, married and happy for a while. I think there's plenty of time to be endlessly worried, scared about not being about to afford putting them through college, and wondering if they'll grow up to resent me.

I'm actually much more excited about the prospect of one of my friends getting married rather than the entire baby thing. Particularly if I get to play bridesmaid since I think it's generally quite fun to plan a wedding...the hard part is paying for it. Planning, gluing, tying bows, trying on dresses, laughing with your friends over the ridiculous dresses and how that one made you look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow that's fun. Plus I like buying gifts.

Speaking of gifts...I gave each of the girls silver necklaces as part of their cumulative attendant gifts. They each received circle pendants with tiny diamond...chips which I admit are nothing worthy of great fanfare. However it's something that I would enjoy receiving if I were to be some one's bridesmaid. It's the kind of gift that isn't wedding specific, (ehem, bridesmaid logo tees) plus it's not costume jewelry so it's got a better chance of surviving the years. I have nothing against fake jewelry but it doesn't make a very good statement when you're giving cubic zirconia as a gift, ya know? If a gift is a physical representation of your appreciation for someone then it's kind of bad form to give them something artificial. (On a side note, reasons like that are why I'm a horrible person to have to buy a gift for. I think far too hard about it's symbolism.)

I also got each girl a coordinating sash to go with their dresses (I'd never want for them to dole out more money for a tiny sliver of material. I feel that as a bridesmaid you are only ever obligated to buy a dress and shoes), a small bottle of honeysuckle perfume and ring pops....because I just like the idea of ring pops. It's cheesy and funny and then they can all have big rocks on their fingers too...albeit made of sugar.

Sashes are pretty hot stuff in wedding fashion these days. I'm surprised at the boom. I'm glad I didn't jump into that pick-up skirt phenomenon though. It seems like it'll be very dated when we look back at pictures of it in about 10-20 years. If you love it, you love it. Things become popular for a reason.

Trevor gave the boys bottles of alcohol which, was likely a bad idea but they seemed to appreciate it at the time.

I did finish sending out most of my thank yous. I would have completed them almost immediately after the wedding since there was about a week between the wedding and our honeymoon but I wanted to insert little wallet sized pictures into the thank yous as a final...I don't know...flourish. I think it's a nice gesture. I know some people do the customized cards, with their faces actually printed onto the cards, but eh, this was faster. It can take weeks to get the custom dealies and regardless of what the etiquette books tell you no one likes to wait for a thank you note. The sooner you send it the better. If I had the foresight I should have pre-addressed all of the thank you notes before the wedding so I only had to worry about filling them out and sealing them. It would have made it tons faster.

I say I finished *most of my thank yous because I didn't bother with the friends who don't strike me as thank you card people. There are are people who I don't see everyday whom I know appreciate it, or at least appreciate knowing I got their gift, and then there are people I see everyday who know I got their gift and don't really care about more mail. And if you didn't give me a gift I didn't send you a card. I'm sure that's probably bad form, but once I get your gift I will send you a card in thanks. I think it'd be weird to send a thank you, and then perhaps in a few months time receive a gift and then not know if I should send a 2nd one.

Plus I'm lazy, and I'm done wax sealing all of my wedding related mail. It takes so much time to make sure I don't dribble goo all over the envelopes and then I'm sure they're likely demolished in the mail anyhow. It's beautiful and wonderful to me but it probably looks like a big red snot by the time it enters your mailbox.

The house is coming along. It's not move in ready and we have to move out in November from our apartment. I'm a little concerned about the progress but Trevor seems quite convinced that it's do-able.

I know most people likely want to run far far away from their sleepy little hometown but I'll be psyched to be moved back because it puts me a lot closer to my parents, my friends and work. Although we're no more than 15 minutes away, it seems as though we almost never have visitors. Even my parents stopped coming over for dinner here after a while. Now I always have to drive to have dinner at their house, which is fine because my mom is a far better cook than I am, but it's a bit of a hassel driving all around the place. Trevor works from home so we could live in Iowa out in the cornfields and it wouldn't be any more inconvenient for him than it is already as long as he has an internet connection.

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