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Comfort Food

Saturday evening was our 2nd Christmas. No, this is not a new holiday persay, but we pulled names on my husband's side of the family and we didn't all spend Christmas together so some people (myself included) didn't get their gift.

No big deal to me, but Trevor's mom pulled together a really nice meal (with Devin also cooking) and it was a nice excuse to get together. If not for holidays I don't know when I'd see some of Trevor's extended family members. People are busy. Life happens, but it's nice to see one another.

I made a pecan crusted pumpkin pie, an eclair cake, green tea ice cream and cranberry muffins. I did not bring the muffins; I simply wanted something to munch on in the mornings and my oven was already hot from baking. Pumpkin pie is something I have a love hate relationship with. I love the fragrant spices. I love the velvety texture of custard pies, but something about pumpkin pie is a little too mushy so I can't commit to eati…

If "sweet" is in the name it's like dessert, right?

Thinks it was a bad idea to eat 3 square pieces of pizza...and then 2 roasted WHOLE sweet potatoes.

I hop, you hop, we hop

We are now feeling out the local food establishments. You'd think that having lived here for most of the years of my life I'd know the good places to eat, but you would be mistaken. My parents never ordered take out and my mother always fed me so full I never really felt any desire to branch out and spend money for food. My knowledge of convenience food is pretty limited. But this town is overrun with pizza places. What I wouldn't give for some spicy Thai drunken noodles, but the choices that are available appear to be A.) Pizza B.) Pizza related Italian food C.) Sandwiches D.) Chinese food E.) Indian food F.) Sushi

Thriving metropolis we are not. Although I very much enjoy my house with my garage and quiet street I am mildly jealous of the sprawling food selection in NYC. While we were visiting Tyler we had Malaysian food and then Japanese Ramen Noodles they refer to it as ramen but it's totally are not like that Top Ramen stuff you add water to when you only h…

It happens in 3's

I'd like to start by saying I am cursed but on the bright side, if you believe that bad things happen in 3's then I am all set for a long time.

The short story is my dad accidentally hit my car while trying to do a K-turn out of our driveway during a snowstorm. He felt awful. It's all cosmetic. I'm actually really complacent about the whole thing because I figure that I've cared so much up to this point and it's done nothing but make me feel awful. Plus the moment I get my car fixed I'm 94.79% sure that it'll just get hit again. That's just how my luck's been. And really, it's just a car. The fact of the matter is that it's not anything special. It's not a person whom I care about. It's not even in a color I like. So really, why continue thinking about it?

Back to life.

I got together with the girls (plus Trevor and Vinnie) for New Year's Eve. A.) We needed to exchange gifts still from the holiday and B.) I didn't…