I hop, you hop, we hop

We are now feeling out the local food establishments. You'd think that having lived here for most of the years of my life I'd know the good places to eat, but you would be mistaken. My parents never ordered take out and my mother always fed me so full I never really felt any desire to branch out and spend money for food. My knowledge of convenience food is pretty limited. But this town is overrun with pizza places. What I wouldn't give for some spicy Thai drunken noodles, but the choices that are available appear to be A.) Pizza B.) Pizza related Italian food C.) Sandwiches D.) Chinese food E.) Indian food F.) Sushi

Thriving metropolis we are not. Although I very much enjoy my house with my garage and quiet street I am mildly jealous of the sprawling food selection in NYC. While we were visiting Tyler we had Malaysian food and then Japanese Ramen Noodles they refer to it as ramen but it's totally are not like that Top Ramen stuff you add water to when you only have $1 to feed yourself. It's more like hardy noodle soup with pork and egg and mushrooms floating around in it.

Our favorite sushi place is right in town and we've found a pizza place we enjoy and the Indian place two streets away isn't shabby but otherwise we must travel elsewhere to fill our cravings. My favorite Indian place is The Garden in Agawam. I think their naan is better than Taste of India and when you want it really spicy it physically hurts me a little bit. Just a little...but I like it. Spicy at Taste of India barely tingles my palette but it's not bad. It's still very rich and creamy curry. The problem is that I found a recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala and now I think mine is awesome and it seems like shame to order it in the outside world.

I have a confession to make. Today was the first time I have ever had food from IHOP. It wasn't bad. I can't complain too much; it was better than most breakfasts I've had at Dennys. I had the pumpkin pancakes and was happy with the mild but fragrant flavor of pumpkin spices. I didn't so much taste actual pumpkin but the nutmeg and cinnamon were there. I don't really like pumpkin pie that much but I just like the novelty of seasonal flavors. One cannot survive off plain maple syrup alone. I like having a few fun things to choose from and seasonal stuff typically satisfies my curiosity. I think I'd rather have brunch at the Mill on the River anyday but you can't always be a food snob and eat Eggs Benedict with mimosas.

They had an all you can eat pancakes special too, but to be honest all the pancakes I can eat are like...4...perhaps 6 if the syrup is good and there's whipped cream. It's not really a spectacular gastronomical show. I admit that at this rate I will never win the world record for pancake eating, but at just $4.95 plus tax and tip that if I were a starving college student nursing a wild hangover that it would definitely hit the spot.

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