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Nous allons a....


And yes I'm talking about a transcontinental flight to France. I know we're crazy, since we don't know anyone in France, we have a minimal knowledge of the language and will be going broke trying to eat and entertain ourselves...but it'll totally be worth it.I've never been to Europe before and I want to see what everyone is so crazy in love with about Paris. Plus I totally want to gorge myself on real french bread, crepes, escargot and fois gras...and wander around looking at old stuff. Old paintings. Old statues. Old buildings. I'm geeked out just thinking about all the art.

It may amaze you to hear that I used to draw and be in an AP Art class in high school for kids looking to go to Art Colleges. That kind of makes it sound like I'm good...but I'm not. I just liked doing it and school will always raise up kids who genuinely want to try. I mostly liked pottery and drawing still life. Making pots isn't exactly ridiculously difficult o…