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J'Adore Paris!

Paris was amazing. I loved it. I couldn't recommend it more. The only negative about it is that it's uncomfortably expensive, but what can you do about it other than accept the pain and realize it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to dive into a new culture. $4 Euro coca cola (roughly $6 American). And I thought NYC was overpriced. But Paris was clean. Paris was much more relaxed. I didn't think people were mean at all. I think if anything they were just confused about how to approach my mangled french. lol
I loved it. I loved the stylish people. I loved the delicious food. I loved the smells of the wafting french perfume. I loved the wonderful french bread. I loved the french-ified Japanese food. I loved the fragrantly wonderful vanilla ice cream. I loved the Monoprix. We went to all the "major" things like the Eifle Tower, Notre Dame, L'Arch de triomphe, Le Champs-Elysees and Le Louvre. Touristy of course, but you have to do it, right? The be…