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Rest in Peace, indeed

I've been kind of depressed lately. Too much this year.
Instead of expounding on all of them I'll shorten it down into list form:
-Trevor's Maternal Grandfather passed away
-Trevor's Maternal Grandmother passed away
-Trevor's family dog passed away
-My mother's brother passed away. He's survived by his wife and young son.
-My co-worker passed away. She was giving birth to her firstborn son. She never even got to meet him.
-In the celebrity world a ton of people have died but the only one I cared about was Michael Jackson.

Is it lame to admit you loved a celebrity? If you're a child of the 80's like me you'd be lying if you said otherwise. You LOVED Michael Jackson. I loved it more as I got older actually. I loved "The Way You Make me Feel" and "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" and recently rekindled my love of "Off the Wall." I feel like a piece of my childhood just died. I don't really care how other people feel…

Wedding Bells

I'm so backlogged. lol

Kim's wedding went off without a hitch. I do however admit to being drunk for a large portion of her bachelorette and wedding day. That probably really helped with the overall relaxed attitude I had. Apart from mine and the other bridesmaids generally being uncomfortable in our $200+ dresses it was a good time. We got our hair done (minus the Maid of Honor Kim's sis who had her hair done elsewhere) and makeup and took pics. Did the whole church thing. Ran a totally random errand for Kim and then really hit that open bar hard.

The bachelorette was a lot of fun although I entirely look forward to a repeat when it's Alexis's turn. A. Kim won't be pregnant by then and maybe I won't be THE loud talkative drunk person; I can always count on Kim to be my crazy counterpart B. I loved it. C. I think there'll be less girls and less "stuff" because Lex isn't interested in nails and toes being it'll also …