Cape Weekends

The Cape.

Usually we spend our summer weekends (the ones not occupied with house type chores, weddings, showers and general obligations) at the Cape. It's helpful that my MIL has a cottage there and we can usually claim some time there if it's not booked with renters. Not including this weekend (which was wrought with many loads of laundry, vacuuming, cleaning dishes, sweeping floors...etc.) I spent the two previous weekends at the Cape. I just keep putting off writing about it.

July 4th weekend, they tried to re-invigorate the Triathalon. I guess Devin and Chris did it one year (like 6 years ago?) and they wanted to get it going again. This year it doubled it's numbers of participants because Trevor and Tyler joined in. Alex bowed out in the final hour but I'm sure by next year the boys will all be heckling him into doing it. I was asked if I wanted to do it but my participation would have been an embarassment. I don't swim well, I don't know how to ride a bike and I'm woefully out of shape. My general lameness is laughable. But I'm thin and everyone assumes I'm fit. Oh, how wrong they all are.

Tyler came in first due to a few complications. I'm still proud of Trevor for participating. It's better than what I did; which was nothing at all. I stood around talking to Alli and Maggie and their friend Alisha...while wearing a tube top. That tube top didn't look amazing and fashionable all by itself, don't you know?

What I like about the 4th at the Cape (not the traffic, not the overwhelming mass of bodies) is being able to see everyone I don't see all at once. Alex, Maggie, Chris, Ali, Devin, Liza, Dino, Tyler, Radfords, Harris's, Uncle Richard, Aunt Peggy...etc. A few of whom I hadn't seen since my wedding...last August. Geez. Time sure does fly when you're off living in an entirely different state, like 2 hours away from everyone else.

The next weekend I repeated the experience and went to the Cape again, but for the first time ever I didn't go with Trevor. It was kind of weird. Like, it was a girl get together of my mother in law, her sisters, and her sister's daughters so clearly Trevor was not allowed. But it's odd not spending my free time with him. It's almost as though I like the guy or something.

Joking aside, it was great seeing the girls because I never see them, well except for funerals and weddings. Candice and Susan are my age (ish) and it was nice laughing with them and generally being dumb and silly. It was also nice being around girls. I did however have an incident with some stomach ailment (probably due to some clams) and spent a good amount of my time curled around the toilet contemplating if I had yet emptied out my stomach in full or if I should try and push out some more bile. It turned out I needed a nap and when I awoke I was fresh as a daisy. In the meantime however I apparently gave everyone a good heart attack that I might possibly need medical intervention. Thankfully I was just fine, but I felt mighty guilty about making everyone worry. Not like I intentionally decided to empty my guts out but my mother brainwashed me well. I feel guilty about pretty much everything.

But upchuck reflex aside, I had a good time. It takes a lot more than a little stomach mishap to sour an entire weekend. If that was the case, half of my college career would have been a serious downer. It really was fun though. It's nice to be around family that acts like a family. Not like my family was bad, but being an only child I missed out on a lot of that sibling dynamic since...ugh, I was by myself. No younger sibling to torture into my will. I think I came out okay, but you always wonder what could have been. ie: If I had a sister would I have ended up a different person? More patient? Louder? More argumentative? The world will never know. But I think it's cute seeing siblings together and I think it's it's fun seeing the dynamic between people and the family members they spent most of their childhood years in the company of.

Candice is next on the bride list. She just got engaged and I can't wait to see what comes of the thoughts swirling around regarding this wedding. Backyard? Farm? Cape? Cape backyard? But really, whatever makes her happy is fine. Even if we all sit around in the backyard in our flip flops, that's great. No one is any more or less married because they opted for an intimate meaningful moment for their wedding.

I don't know if we'll continue this trend another year. Hopefully yes. I think it's nice to get together at the Cape and enjoy the sunshine together. Maybe next time we'll break out the nailpolish and engage in some fabulous manicures.

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