Bridal Dumplings

What a crazy busy weekend.

I spent Friday evening frantically trying to wrap my shower gift to Alexis. By the way, it was the best shower gift I've given yet. No joke. I like to think I put a lot of thought into all my gifts but this one took the cake. I'll find it hard to top myself for the next round. But I ran out of paper to wrap it and of course I was frantic trying to find something late at night. One day I'll remember not to procrastinate. So I ended up wrapping part of it in a brown paper bag. How lovely...yet ghetto of me.

Saturday was the shower and I was pretty much cooking, serving, cleaning..etc. for hours and hours. Because I volunteered to bring potsticker dumplings and then I also volunteered to help Lex's mom prep before the shower so she'd be less stressed out. So that meant cooking at home my dumplings. Then getting dressed. Going to their house and then cooking and prepping and wrapping and serving other food. It was fun; don't think I mean it in any other way than that I love helping. I think helping prep for a party can sometimes be more fun than the party itself. You get to know all the food first, plus the talking? Very fun.

But there was a lot to do, so thankfully Amanda and Maddy were there to help Lex's mom too because it really took all of us to pull it together and even then guests started pouring in before Lex's mom got dressed for the occasion.

The shower itself was cute. Not too big, not too small. Everyone LOVED the travel theme. We had luggage tags and travel sized toiletries as favors. We served jerk chicken and english cucumber sandwiches, and irish soda bread and garlic chicken, and salad and lots of s'mores pie and s'mores martinis (in honor of Lex's girlscout history). It was a great spread. Lex's family really wanted to pull together something nice and you could tell. They're just so cute.

Lots of fun gifts. Mine was likely one of the least traditional but it REEKED of sentiment. If it could have stood up and given everyone a big fuzzy hug, it might have. I'm not going to tell the internet though. For the sake of keeping Lex's wedding unique and segregated from the pack, I'll refrain from too much detail. If you ask her though I'm sure she'd be happy to chat with you about everything. She was even showing guests pictures of her wedding dress. But that's for her to share and if I weren't in her wedding party I wouldn't bother asking about the color scheme and bridesmaid dresses just to save it for the big day and the big reveal as you walk down the aisle. It's totally natural to be curious, but I prefer to go in totally blind because I always build things up in my head. (I do admit to having a very colorful and vivid imagination.) Because when people say "oh my gosh, you have to meet (insert generic name here). She's so hot. I can't believe Stan's dating such a gorgeous girl." And then I meet her and...hmmm. And I don't know what I was expecting but she was NOT Heidi Klum. And then I kind of have to quickly muffle my disappointment because my expectation did not match up with reality. And I feel like a jerk because, really? What are the chances anyone could date a supermodel, let alone my 100% fictional friend Stan? He doesn't even have a Bentley convertible or good hair. Why would I possibly assume he could bag a woman so hot that people standing in her general proximity would melt from the glow of her 1000 watt smile? But I DO assume that!

I don't think a lot of other people build up stories, details and even entire plot lines in their mind the way I do. It's funny but surely confusing.
Crazy incoherent rambling tangents aside...

Amanda felt bad because she got Lex a double gift, but that happens with Target registries. They don't count the gift as purchased right away so there is a pretty big gap where you end up with doubles. Lex didn't seem too upset by it though because she could always use more than one suitcase. They always get destroyed when you check them anyway. I agree. We travel enough where our suitcases look disgusting and banged up. We did not play games at the shower because it felt like we ran out of time. Like, it was go-go-go for me and the other maids just actively mingling, snacks, serving, gifts..etc. It was a long day, but it was an active and fun one. I guess it's good prep for a bride because that's pretty much how your wedding day goes. It's just rush, rush, rush. Don't sit down. Chat, chat chat. Smile. Laugh. Rinse and repeat. And then it's over and people start leaving you.

Sunday was our horseback re-do. And I really had fun. Trevor was a little bored because it was a beginner lesson and he feels way super advanced at all things, but whatever. He married me knowing how lame I was, so he should be prepared for this. I kindly and patiently listen to him tell me the same stories all the time, even though I was present for the actual event and there's no need to re-tell me what happened. I think this is just fair compromise.

My horse was Bailey and she was way stubborn and did not want to trot. She just wanted to slowly slowly walk in directions I didn't want her to go in. Nonetheless it was an adventure for me. Trevor had a gigantic monster horse (it was part Clydesdale) named Mick whose only joy in life is jumping stuff. Not so much walking or running, but jumping stuff made Mick really happy. I'm not suddenly some big horse lover, but it was fun. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Today? Errands! Oh the errands. Grocery shopping, making potatoes au gratin, baking a ham, taking my cousin to the mall to pick up her makeup thing she preordered. All the while? My body is aching like I ran 8 miles yesterday. Horseback riding apparently makes you use all kinds of muscles you don't think you use because, hey you're just sitting on a horse right? Except that thing needs to be controlled and when you have super stubborn horses you have to be all the more aggressive. Ugh! My back is killing me today. My legs are sore too, but I can handle sore legs. Sore back made sleeping awful.

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