Happy 1st Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Trevor!

How did we celebrate? I had a mild panic attack about my work and not being at work and kind of wishing I had more time. UGH. But you don't live your life, look back and wish you sat in your cubicle longer. You wish you spent your free time constructively and with people whom you love. So I did. I spent a lot of time with my husband. I made him a three course meal totally from scratch. Mind you, he seemed confused his Vietnamese wife made him such a convincing Chicken Tikka Masala and seemed genuinely convinced I used some kind of prefab mix. For our anniversary? Ugh, yeah...that's not my style.

I also had this weird desire to make mashed cauliflower. It seems like a forgotten vegetable that no one ever buys or thinks about. I liked it okay. You won't ever mistake it's flavor profile for mashed potatoes. It can't ever whip up as beautifully as mashed pototoes, okay? But it's nice if you just take it at face value as being cauliflower. Nix the heavy cream and butter and save yourself some serious calories. You can google it up; it's not a terribly complicated list of ingredients and it's not a weird side dish...one of those big restaurant chains carries it on their menu, so you can see it's pretty tame and easy if you have a food processor. It would have been a TON easier to make with a big 10 cup food processor. Eh, I made due with my awesome blender and it was fine.

We went out too. I can't spend my entire anniversary standing over a hot stove...although I do kind of love it. We actually went to Mill on the River on the day of our anniversary to relive a little bit of that nostalgia. It's a nice enough restaurant although it's not ever going to be QUITE the same as our wedding day. Plus, although it's a nice restaurant I tend to enjoy less mainstream American food. I'd like it a little more ethnic, even if that ethnicity happens to be Italian. Of course they took very special requests for the wedding, so I do give them a lot of props for putting up with throwing in Asian flair for us. It's a bit out of the usual for them.

We had planned to go horseback riding Saturday but unfortunately it looked a bit rainy and stinky horse poop plus rain just doesn't go together very well. So we postponed to the following week. It's not as though I'm the kind of person who cares desperately that we celebrate things on the exact day-of. The fact that we both remember to spend time together is the entire point of making a fuss at all about one's anniversary. My parents never make mention of their anniversary at all. In fact I have no idea when it is. I guess it's a cultural thing. No one in my family makes much of a fuss about anything except Chinese New Year.

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