Monday, November 16, 2009

Next step? Building a hotel on Boardwalk

So yeah, Hi. I didn't die. But I have been excruciatingly busy at work and I've kind of turned into a bleary eyed zombie.

Also, so. many. things. have. happened!

The farm had an offer put in on it so we had a small window of time to rent a UHaul and divide up the furniture among us. Trevor and I, although we have no space whatsoever in our apartment have aspirations of a bigger house and a bigger house requires a good amount of furniture. And furniture? It costs money. Money I don't have to spend. So that we were allowed to take things from the farm was nice. Other folks took things too; don't think it was just me and Trevor. The rest of the clan took chairs and tables and wicker and mirrors...etc.

Halloween. I dressed up as Snow White. Trevor was Herbert the Pervert. We wanted to be a couples thing but we never agree on what we mutually decide is a "cool" costume. Though to be fair I mostly picked my costume to go with my hair because it's not likely to stay this way for too long. It's already grown out an inch and it's only been a few weeks. Clearly my follicles do not agree with short hair because I swear my hair grows at an accelerated pace after a cut...a la Rapunzel.

Other Halloween related news? Kim got induced and little Tyler Edziu was born November 1st at 6lbs 5oz after laboring all day long. Momma and baby are now at home and trying to settle into a schedule. I saw them this past weekend and (after much hand washing) held the baby and caught up with her. I didn't take any pictures because the baby was experiencing some red spots and calloused lips and I kind of think he deserves a better introduction. Also, it seems kind of weird to post pictures of a minor. I think he looks just like his paternal grandfather, but he mostly just looks like a newborn. Not really anything like Kim or Vinnie yet, although obviously there's time for that to change.

Do I have baby envy yet? My mom cannot wait for the day this takes place. Umm...perhaps if little TE wasn't exhausting his mother, but right now Kim can't get even get 4 consecutive hours of sleep because the kid is constantly eating, pooping, peeing, and fussing. She's actually surprisingly chipper given the significant exhaustion, and even seems excited about the future prospect of having more babies. Me? I slept in this Sunday until 11:30 and I'm pretty excited about continuing this habit for a while longer. Sorry, mom.

But I do have to say that we could be ever so slightly closer to domesticity because we might have a 2nd house under our belts. It's upper house but I think it's a big step in the right direction. I'm tentative about it because there's still a lot left before it's actually ours so I'll stop describing it at all, but it's really a beautiful old house that if given enough love could be magnificent.

I'm really strange because although I have a blog and although I deeply want to share I cannot share more about this. Not the color. Not the location. Not the price. Not anything at all...because I'm afraid of jinxing it. Plus I don't really care to have stalkers. Please do not come to my door trying to sell me a bible or a vacuum or ginzu knives.