Save the children

So complaining about my life and my house not-withstanding, how are things?

I'm endeavoring on babysitting my friend Kim's kid tomorrow. Wish me luck. I hope not to inadvertently scar him for life. But since he's only like 4 months old he won't remember any of it (thankfully). I joke that I hope baby doesn't hate me, but in all seriously I hope he doesn't because I'll feel like a world class failure at life and that I will never be cut out to produce offspring and my poor husband will have to deal with me whining about how my sub-par mothering will result in crazed emotionally unstable children with bad hygiene.

Joking aside (and yes that was my version of joking) I'm sure it'll be fine. It's not like I'm babysitting for like 12 hours. I'm more or less holding her kid for like 2 hours and then she'll be back from her long awaited pampering since I chipped in for a massage for her in like October and I gave her a salon giftcard for a haircut shortly after bebe TyTy's arrival into the world. Because buying a gift for the baby was way too obvious I thought it was much better to gift something to his mama. If I can't survive a few hours, even if the kid is wailing at me the entire time, that's pretty pathetic.

Speaking of babies, Susan's is getting closer to being cooked. Her baby shower is scheduled for like a month or two from now. I'm not sure what to do about that one but I have plenty of time to acquire a sufficient gift. I've been a little lazy with gifting because the house is eating all of my money away, and because I have no time or energy to wander about and look for thoughtful and endearing gifts. Not like it takes a lot to incite some ooohs and ahhhs at a baby shower. Pick something very very very tiny and someone's going to think it's cute. Tiny socks. Tiny hats. Itty bitty hair clips. It's all good.

Right now my biggest project is curtains. Lots and lots of curtains. It's really no joking matter. I have 11 windows just in the great room alone. And I'm a fan of patterned curtains over sheer panels. So of course it's rather an interesting endeavor trying to find some we mutually agree not to hate, and then hoping the store has enough of them available so our room doesn't look like a hodge podge of found items. And that's just ONE room. I have a whole house riddled with windows to slowly bankrupt me.

My hope is by summertime that it'll look a lot less disconnected. At this rate we're not likely to have anything ready for Easter, but it'd be nice to throw a BBQ when things warm up. I really do want to entertain and do something.

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