Double Your Stoves, Double Your Fun

House, how's the HOUSE, Kelly?

That's what our families are always asking. If you're tired of house talk, turn away.

Our water closet on the first floor has been though an awful lot. That poor little room. When we first bought the house it had a shower stall and a toilet. Seeing the obvious problem with going to the potty and having to rinse your hands in a shower stall we pulled that shower out and placed it on the 2nd floor (for now) and were living okay with a vanity in it's place. However, like with a lot of things in the house the water closet still needs work and so this past Sunday it got gutted. The toilet and vanity are now in my kitchen (my poor kitchen) and Trevor's been working on fixing the wall there to be more sound proof. It's one of the very few walls through which we can hear our tenants. Otherwise the house is so massive that I can't even tell when they're home. I covered up the pink paint (yay!) and we've bought new tile to lay on the floor in lieu of the cruddy vinyl they had down which was peeling up anyway. And Trevor is working on routing the trim so it matches what's hanging around the rest of the house. Once the mudding on the drywall is all done I anticipate having to bust out the paintbrush again, but at least we're like 90% done with this horrible hot pepto pink.

The kitchen is still in a really sorry state and I can't possibly host Easter with a toilet in the middle of my kitchen. Kind of not a good impression to make on guests who hope I'm feeding them non-poisonous food. But things have been ordered. We'll have a beautiful kitchen yet! It just takes like 3-4 weeks to get the cabinetry and then of course the countertop and picking out our slab.

Once the water closet is done then it's probably on to the 2nd floor bathroom. That'll be another big project but after THAT? Then I think it'll be smooth sailing.

For anyone worried about my eating habits now that we have two functional stoves we've been eating...and WELL. I got us lobster and pate and bread and we had a good time making a decadent mess. Yesterday I made some box-dark chocolate cupcakes and although the pan wanted to slide out because the floor is not level beneath cupcakes came out evenly. And the ones with cream cheese filling? Even better. I had leftover cream cheese from a stuffed french toast experiment over the weekend so I put little dollops in the cupcake tins.

Cream cheese plus seedless raspberry jam with a touch of sugar whipped together smeared between pieces of french toast served with maple syrup. And mushroom onion cheddar cheese quesadillas on the griddle for Trevor as a snack. And yes, I consider that a snack and not an actual meal. Yesterday we had pizza with spinach, mushrooms, onion, scallops and pesto and extra virgin olive oil drizzle.

So the ovens have been really fun thus far. I can make a ton of things all at once, but a few of the elements are different and I have to get used to managing the flow of gas to get the right heat. I have almost burned myself a few times from not realizing how hot the handles of my pots get but I haven't melted or burned anything yet. Given that Trevor will bark at me to help him IMMEDIATELY when I'm right in the middle of cooking something it makes me very nervous to be away from a rumbling stove.

I need to take pictures of the progress. I know. I need to have more pictures of me too, I know. I'm in this weird growing out phase with my hair so I'm not feeling in peak form. I really need a trim to clean it up and rough up my hair into layers, but meh. I go into work with paint on my hands and have been told I've "got a little speck of something right....there" more than I'd like from all my after-work painting. I won't be too surprised if I get pulled aside and lectured on taking better care of myself and projecting a more businesslike appearance. Exhausted part-time painter and handiwoman with broken ragged nails covered in paint splotches. What a model employee I am.

Joking aside, I think of this is a training period because I can't even get pity from coworkers because 99% of my coworkers have kids and live in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation.

So this is what it's like to hardly function.

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