Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have paint will travel

Lex asked for another post so here it goes.

Apart from the mild euphoria of squeezing into those jeans and losing all feeling in my legs and slightly bruising my hips (which by the way, do not whither away as quickly as I do) it's been more of the usual. Weekends spent at Lowe's. Looking at granite slabs. Looking at cabinet swatches. Feeling generally nauseous about the cost. Ya know. The usual.

I'm a little confused about this granite versus marble thing because I've had laminate or tile in my other kitchens and it's been fine. I think it looks cool, and I'm kind of excited about the prospect of having a cold surface for chocolate tempering and dough rolling but otherwise? I just wish for a kitchen that works. My needs are pretty modest. I don't even need a funky back splash or granite light switch covers or a tin ceiling or built in bar sinks or anything.

Other than that I've been painting things, mudding up holes and generally sore from standing precariously on top of a ladder with my arms up over my head. Going in to work with paint in between my nails and spots under my neck. How embarrassing. But you can't get into all the corners of your built-in cabinet without crawling around upside-downy and dripping paint on yourself. At least I can't. Upside down painting kills me. I can't avoid looking like a mess. The prior owners were lazy painters though and didn't go all the way into the corners and they did not go all the way into each crevice of the molding. What jerks. First they stick me with hot pepto pink walls and then they can't even paint correctly.

I'm a tired lady but I'm looking forward to Lex's wedding. I figure by then I am owed a break from painting and will likely take at least a week off. The planning is fun and I'm excited about seeing the girls and being all together again. I miss Amanda terribly. Who else appreciates my Boston Creme Cupcakes as much as she does? Perhaps nobody. Speaking of food related projects, Trevor seems to have faith in me being able to make fancy apples for Lex's favors. I generally have faith in me too, even though I broke my candy thermometer during the move. If she actually wants me to do it, I would. I'd need to many more cookie sheets to hold all the apples on but I dipped like 500 chocolate pretzels for my own wedding so I think 40 apples is a cake walk.