Puppy Time!

Hi Internet, we got a puppy! Wanna meet him?
Isn't he precious?
I know I was concerned about the whole labrador thing but who could say no to that? Or this?(Please ignore the rolls of insulation. DON'T JUDGE ME.)

We've been talking about it for a long time but the opportunity arose today pick him up because he was the very last of his litter and his breeders were rather anxious to give him a home after placing all the rest of his siblings. They described him as their mellow love bug. I was sold. He's rather gigantic for 8 weeks, but he really is a sweetheart. He didn't cry, bark or whimper the whole ride home.

We're working out the name but so far I've been calling him Pupperoni. Because I like it. There's really no amazing story to go with that. I like food names. I was also open to calling him Blanket but Trevor thought it would be creepy to call our dog the same name as the kid Michael Jackson dangled over a balcony. True enough. But really, all the good names in LIFE have already been taken by somebody somewhere.

Pupperoni is currently engaging in some puppy dreams and twitching away on my rug next to my feet. I'm sure he'll be a handful tomorrow but today? He's all tuckered out from all the adventures.

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