Who's House? Roni's house.

Puppy motherhood has been interesting. I wish I had a lot to talk about but it's mostly just been a monotonous repetition of the prior day's events.

Wake up way earlier than I should so he can go do his Roni business outside. Take him inside. Prep his breakfast. Watch him eat it and make sure he's being pet and doesn't get overly possessive and aggressive about his food. Play with him for at least 10 minutes or so. Take him out again to relieve himself about half an hour after eating. Take him back in. Make my own coffee. Try to pack something to eat for lunch. Get dressed for work and then my day actually begins and I go on my way to the office.

Then he spends the day with Trevor and I take the pup out again once I get home. By then he's typically exploding with joy to see another one of his humans.

He's extra frisky lately. I don't know what happened to the timid little puppy we got before but he's been replaced with a much more outgoing people friendly dog. I think he's starting to realize this is his home now and there's no reason to be timid when this is his domain and nothing genuinely scary happens here. He loves playing on his back and knows how to sit and stay on command. I'm certain he understands a lot more than he lets on and often sits and stares at me. Trevor and I call it his Jedi Mind Trick. It's like he's trying to communicate to you that he wants to go outside and poop.

House news? Water closet is now reassembled. New tiled floors. Toilet is back in. Vanity is back in. Pipes are all hooked up and operational. Now we just need the light fixture put in.

Kitchen cabinets are lined up and mostly zipped in. No counters. No tiles yet. BUT (and this is a big one) the pink is now gone and replaced with a cream-colored paint.

My sweet sweet Pupperoni is not making it easy to complete these tasks. I am perpetually nervous about him eating paint and sniffing things he shouldn't be and I'm too much of a softie to lock him up in his crate all day. What's the point of having a dog if you keep him isolated all day long? But we're making fantastic headway and the kitchen should be pretty close to done once we actually get all the cabinetry zipped in. Then it's just a matter of getting the granite installed and the tiles laid. The rest from there is all small detail work we can take our time on.

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