Shiny Speckled Counters as far as the eye can see

Somebody finally has a beautiful granite kitchen countertop.
But somebody is not sharing any pictures of it because she'd rather have folks come see it when we finally get the housewarming together.

Yes we are planning to have something this summer. I think the constant work we've been putting into the house has made it easy to become hermits. And now that we have a dog who needs human interaction? The pup loves us despite unwashed hair and bad social skills.

Kidding aside, I love this dog but he is waring on my last nerves with the biting. Hardly a day passes where he doesn't break the skin and I'm wiping blood from my arm or hand. Seriously. My arms are a weird roadmap of scratches and nibbles. Between eying his poops and cleaning up wounds I'm really beyond exhausted. I love him but it's been something that wears on you.

The bones have not come out. Repeat. The bones he ate like a MONTH ago have not come out. The vet says that if he's pooping regularly and happy and frisky then chances are he's going to slowly dissolve it with his stomach acid. This is probably way too much information, but I cannot express the guilt I'd feel if my pup died because of a lodged bone. The horrible horrible guilt. So we have to keep an eye on him just in case it's giving him any issues because a big bone could seriously pierce THROUGH his stomach or his intestines and that's not a good time for anyone. Other than that? He's healthy and happy as can be which is good because if he was sickly I'm pretty sure I'd blame myself somehow and make myself feel more stressed out and sickly than I already do.

Not that I'm throwing myself a pity party. Plenty of folks have it worse off than me...I just want a break for like a morning where I'm not worried about him peeing in his crate because I slept in. I can't sleep in for fear he's going to explode into little doggy pee-pee shrapnel bits. He's a could happen.

In non puppy non house news (and dude I would do anything for non house news right about now) Susan had her baby girl, Avery and now there's a tiny new member of the family. Well, perhaps not so tiny because she was a bruising 9lb 1oz but nonetheless, she is new and Trevor's already met her and I have not so I'm already jealous. But it's not like she's going anywhere, she can't even sit up on her own yet so I have plenty of time to get a snuggle.

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