Squares of Insanity

I guess I should just say it because I've been ignoring it for months. Lex's wedding has been postponed so, unfortunately no wedding this June. No rush of getting your hair done that morning. No pretty dresses to wear. No tiny favors to wrap. Because the underlying reason for this postponement are hers and hers alone there's not a lot to expound upon except to say that if you have any reservations in your mind about what you're doing then you're absolutely doing the right thing to push the pause button and if anyone judges you for it then they're not a terribly understanding friend or aunt or whatever. It's a huge decision to make and not one that you take lightly after over a year of being engaged in the first place.

Moving on to a different subject, Amanda's still coming to town and I hear Cathy's coming into town as well, so I am elated that I have friends that will be in the area even if they're schedules are busy with seeing everyone else who has missed them all of these months. Cathy, like Kim, has a small child so I don't genuinely expect that she'll be out gallivanting late every night she's in town but I have already committed Amanda to squeezing some time for me, for cooking and a great big hug.

And it's about that time again for the Family Beirut tournament so we'll be hosting the grand event. I'd have reservations about this except that everyone's already seen the house in absolute shambles so the fact that it's slightly improved now will only prove to be a vastly superior to the previous times our family members have seen it. The reservations I have are mostly that our bathrooms are in pieces. The only bathroom that is fully utilizable is the watercloset on the first floor. The rest have bits and pieces that function and then gaping wholes where things are missing and while I've somehow managed to be okay with that, I think it's a bit unnerving for guests to need a roadmap of which bathroom to use depending on what they have to do.

At least it's family, right? They can't judge us too much. Clearly it's been a work-in-progress from the very beginning. And once the bathrooms are updated and the tiles are in for them and the kitchen? It'll be actually functional. Sure it may need some more paint here and some more sanding there and some serious doggy deodorizing but that's going to be the rest of our lives anyway.

My parents have been in their house for years and the list of improvements never stops.

The latest is the kitchen tiles because of course we had to go and pick a natural stone on sale and of course now we're obliged to go through each and every square and inspect it to make sure it's "good" not cracked, the right color composition and the right texture because natural products are not uniform. By nature of being made by mother earth they have serious inconsistencies that, while beautiful, it may not be cohesive to have a gigantic white quartz splotch in the middle of your walkway. So yeah, fun times standing lifting and inspecting hundreds of tiles. Literally. I've probably held on to 400 tiles and each one is a gajillion pounds.

Clearly people choose easier things than this. You don't have to manually inspect each tile if it's a manmade from a mold somewhere in China and quality inspected anyway.

I guess we're secretly masochists.

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