Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I like to think I try and guilt myself into updating about once a week or two even if whatever I write makes no sense and is rambles incoherently...hey it's the internet. No one cares about that anyway.

Kids actually put texting shorthand into the things they write because it's so normal to them they think it's appropriate to put into a paper. Sad.

Anyway, commentary about the disintegration of the English language is always fun but...I have a side writing project.

I admit it. I'm cheating on the blog.

So I may be light on updates as my creative juices are simmering elsewhere.
Don't think I died. I did not die.

Am I sharing this project via the intarwebs? I don't know. I guess I'm on the fence about that because it's much more personal and the intarwebs? She is mean. Full of lurking jerks with cheeto fingers. And I have to fence in my feelings because I will inevitably hurt someone's feelings. I am a feeling hurter. I love Brussels Sprouts. Look, I just hurt the feelings of someone who hates them. It's inevitable.

Details will be forthcoming but give me at least a few weeks to work the bugs out. We're plotting a housewarming in July-ish and there's tons to do before we're really open house ready. Many tiles need to be laid. Much swearing shall be emanating from my husband and the general kitchen area. Lots of dust will be all over the house as the mudding process gets revved up again. But the summer is already slipping by us. It'll be painfully hard to do any of this come winter when we won't want to open any windows.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hazy shade of summer

Been nursing a bit of a cold. Probably from running around in the rainy weather before. I kind of want to sleep all day and the things I swore I wanted to write about have all fallen out of my head in a haze of exhaustion.

I'm not sick very often so when I am I am entirely out of my element. Even though I felt awful recently I still made dinner, organized the kitchen, vacuumed and tried to assist my husband around the house. I'm probably not doing myself any favors by running around instead of resting but resting feels like a waste of a day and each day has a long list of necessary tasks. Like going to redeem cans and buying bread and getting blueberries to munch on. All very important things.

This summer should be an interesting one. The Cape Cod Cottage we've spent so many summers at is going to be demo-ed and replaced with a bigger, newer, shiny house where my bonus momma will be living full time. So I have no idea when we'll go to the Cape because we don't really have a place to crash without begging around for a room but I want very much to introduce the Pup to the ocean. It should be adorable.

Other than being sick and annoying I really did have things I wanted to write about, like my cousin Suong getting engaged recently and that her engagement party is scheduled for this August. Can I tell you how out in left field this is? At least to me? She was just talking about meeting him for the first time and suddenly they're on the fast track to marriage. Crazy kids and desire to shackle themselves down to a life of monogamy. I haven't ever met this guy so I hope he's nice but in more selfish news it'll fun to have a wedding in the family. A traditional Viet wedding at that. I've already been tempted by talk of a whole crispy roasted pig at this engagement so I'm practically salivating at the thought of a 10 course dinner reception.

Nevermind the fact that my cousin looks like she's 10 years old and will make the most adorable little childbride you ever saw. It'll be fun teasing her for the next year or so. People give me a hard time about my weight but to put it into perspective she's at least 3 sizes smaller than I am. I got her a double zero dress and we still had to have it sent to a seamstress to be taken in and hemmed. If I ever feel bad about my chicken legs and protruding collarbone I need only to look at her and I suddenly feel rather voluptuous and meaty.

In food news I'm trying to pack on a few lbs so I'm not in that ugly "underweight" portion of the BMI and my doctor doesn't have even more reason to tsk tsk me. That's meant eating something for breakfast everyday (even weekends) and lunch everyday and dinner everyday. It blows my mind but since I'm up at 7 every morning anyway to take care of the Roni I may as well take care of myself. It sounds ridiculous but I haven't had 3 meals a day since...I don't know. That one time I stupidly signed up for a full course load only on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I could have four day weekends every weekend? And that was only because I'd faint from exhaustion if I went from 8am to 6:30pm without breakfast and lunch to fuel me through running around in circles on a gigantic campus. V8 mixed with Tabasco and a bagel with cream cheese AND honey. That was one of my favorite grab 'n go meals as gross as it sounds.

Makes me want to run out and get some V8.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puppies, Babies, Weddings and Beirut

Clearly I spoke to soon. Takesies backsies anyone?

Lex and Mike eloped this Saturday at Wickham Park on what would have been their planned wedding date anyway. It was very last minute even though they had originally planned to be wed on that day and they've been engaged well over a year but all the most important people seemed happy, albeit rather harried. Since Amanda's been in town anyway I've kind of used her as my go between with Lex and this whole wedding because to be rather honest I thought Alexis fell off the face of the earth and hated me for some confusingly unknown reason. I'm not saying I'm perfect but I try really hard to be empathetic. Rather than bother her about it I just preferred to not push the issue any further. Getting married, or not getting married or eloping is a pretty stressful thing without dealing explaining it to every Tom Dick and Harry. Because through the 1+year of plotting this wedding it's shrunk from a 300+ guest event to a 50 person event to a 30 someodd person event to an elopement with slightly over a dozen attendees. I can only imagine that trying to explain to one of the people who thought they'd be invited when the wedding was 300+ that hey, plans have changed is a rather challenging and daunting task.

Long story short I did attend the elopement in my pre purchased bridemaid dress (everyone else was wearing theirs anyway) but I did not attend the following dinner because I had a dozen cars at my house and a large number of guests I was being a terrible hostess for so I had to return. We were hosting our 2010 Family Beirut and naturally it was the only day that I had so much happening all at once. And it was raining so the old adage that "when it rains it pours" was very apt. But it was a great, fast rain-free ceremony. By some chance the rain held for them and some photos and one of the guests kept insisting I looked like I could be the sister of someone they knew so they asked repeatedly to take pictures of me as I guess proof of this. It was very cute.

I was exhausted. I am exhausted. I'd like to sleep for like, a month. I didn't win Beirut of course but Trevor did very well. He got all the way up to 2nd place through determination and a lot of online game playing in his spare time to sharpen his hand-eye coordination. But with age means neither of us drinks very much at all anymore so unfortunately towards the end I thought he was going to fall over unconscious but he roughed it out and is perfectly fine today. I'm happy to hostess because I love feeding a crowd but man is it hard to do when you have to juggle so much and when the weather sours and everyone's inside your house and your dog is insane from all the attention and hoping people drop food. I made pasta salad and hand formed hamburger patties and teriyaki chicken skewers and Amanda made deviled eggs and helped generally prep. I purchased a ton of beverages and hot dogs and rolls and chips and hope everyone left full and happy. I had more plans to make more things but ran out of time since Trevor insisted on finishing up the bathroom renovations and would not stop badgering me to help so guests had more than one toilet to utilize. To be blunt I don't think they cared too much either way but that it mattered much more to Trevor to have a semi-completed project to show as proof of the progress of the house.

Like he wanted me to weed the garden box outside the door. Insisted it would take like an hour. Well, realistically it took like a day because every weed in there has roots like a MOTHER and it takes forever to locate and dig and pull them out. I'm not a gardener either. I have no idea what I'm doing except that I'm digging and I'm pulling and whatever I'm pulling needs to be disposed of. Also my best friend is in town from New Mexico for the first time in like 9 months and she's only available for a few days so the minuscule amount of time she's around I'd rather spend it with her instead of in a box full of bugs and poison ivy for 2 days so I was already on edge without him being a slave driver about the whole issue. It'll get done...really it will. Perhaps not before you can show it off to your family but eventually. We've already worked ourselves to the bone. I don't know how much more to give before having a full on physical and mental breakdown.

I guess I have a very lackadaisical attitude about it but the house has been standing for over 100 years. I don't think a few more weeks of being in construction zone mode is that big of a deal. Kind of a drop in the bucket, right?

In puppy news our fuzz baby is doing much better with his house training and generally acting like a dog. He's bigger and bigger and yet I insist on holding him like a baby. I love how frisky he's been and I love that he's still a big sweetheart who likes to rest on top of my feet and be nearby me. Sure it's inconveniencing when every time I move to get up he bolts awake so instead of getting anything done I'm resigned to be his pillow, but it's nice to be loved. When you're so tired it's the little things that you get you through the day.

At family Beirut I met Avery for the first time and held her. I must be brainwashed because the only baby I'm around is Kim's Ty-Ty and he's 7 months old so in comparison Avery's a little peanut even if she is like 10lbs and in newborn language that's huge. If she were any tinier though I'd be concerned about holding her. I vaguely remember feeling the same about Tyler when he was first born too. The only other other baby I'm around is like 30 lbs and a dog with nails and teeth that like to dig into me so it's light as a feather picking up these other kids. I'd carry them around all day no problem.