Hazy shade of summer

Been nursing a bit of a cold. Probably from running around in the rainy weather before. I kind of want to sleep all day and the things I swore I wanted to write about have all fallen out of my head in a haze of exhaustion.

I'm not sick very often so when I am I am entirely out of my element. Even though I felt awful recently I still made dinner, organized the kitchen, vacuumed and tried to assist my husband around the house. I'm probably not doing myself any favors by running around instead of resting but resting feels like a waste of a day and each day has a long list of necessary tasks. Like going to redeem cans and buying bread and getting blueberries to munch on. All very important things.

This summer should be an interesting one. The Cape Cod Cottage we've spent so many summers at is going to be demo-ed and replaced with a bigger, newer, shiny house where my bonus momma will be living full time. So I have no idea when we'll go to the Cape because we don't really have a place to crash without begging around for a room but I want very much to introduce the Pup to the ocean. It should be adorable.

Other than being sick and annoying I really did have things I wanted to write about, like my cousin Suong getting engaged recently and that her engagement party is scheduled for this August. Can I tell you how out in left field this is? At least to me? She was just talking about meeting him for the first time and suddenly they're on the fast track to marriage. Crazy kids and desire to shackle themselves down to a life of monogamy. I haven't ever met this guy so I hope he's nice but in more selfish news it'll fun to have a wedding in the family. A traditional Viet wedding at that. I've already been tempted by talk of a whole crispy roasted pig at this engagement so I'm practically salivating at the thought of a 10 course dinner reception.

Nevermind the fact that my cousin looks like she's 10 years old and will make the most adorable little childbride you ever saw. It'll be fun teasing her for the next year or so. People give me a hard time about my weight but to put it into perspective she's at least 3 sizes smaller than I am. I got her a double zero dress and we still had to have it sent to a seamstress to be taken in and hemmed. If I ever feel bad about my chicken legs and protruding collarbone I need only to look at her and I suddenly feel rather voluptuous and meaty.

In food news I'm trying to pack on a few lbs so I'm not in that ugly "underweight" portion of the BMI and my doctor doesn't have even more reason to tsk tsk me. That's meant eating something for breakfast everyday (even weekends) and lunch everyday and dinner everyday. It blows my mind but since I'm up at 7 every morning anyway to take care of the Roni I may as well take care of myself. It sounds ridiculous but I haven't had 3 meals a day since...I don't know. That one time I stupidly signed up for a full course load only on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I could have four day weekends every weekend? And that was only because I'd faint from exhaustion if I went from 8am to 6:30pm without breakfast and lunch to fuel me through running around in circles on a gigantic campus. V8 mixed with Tabasco and a bagel with cream cheese AND honey. That was one of my favorite grab 'n go meals as gross as it sounds.

Makes me want to run out and get some V8.

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