I like to think I try and guilt myself into updating about once a week or two even if whatever I write makes no sense and is rambles incoherently...hey it's the internet. No one cares about that anyway.

Kids actually put texting shorthand into the things they write because it's so normal to them they think it's appropriate to put into a paper. Sad.

Anyway, commentary about the disintegration of the English language is always fun but...I have a side writing project.

I admit it. I'm cheating on the blog.

So I may be light on updates as my creative juices are simmering elsewhere.
Don't think I died. I did not die.

Am I sharing this project via the intarwebs? I don't know. I guess I'm on the fence about that because it's much more personal and the intarwebs? She is mean. Full of lurking jerks with cheeto fingers. And I have to fence in my feelings because I will inevitably hurt someone's feelings. I am a feeling hurter. I love Brussels Sprouts. Look, I just hurt the feelings of someone who hates them. It's inevitable.

Details will be forthcoming but give me at least a few weeks to work the bugs out. We're plotting a housewarming in July-ish and there's tons to do before we're really open house ready. Many tiles need to be laid. Much swearing shall be emanating from my husband and the general kitchen area. Lots of dust will be all over the house as the mudding process gets revved up again. But the summer is already slipping by us. It'll be painfully hard to do any of this come winter when we won't want to open any windows.

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