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My what a two years it's been

Happy 2 year anniversary to my Trevor.

A year go we didn't have one of these

Or one of these

And now I can't even imagine a life different than the one we have.

And I certainly didn't see this coming

And baby makes...4? (I realize that might be the smallest bump you've ever seen but trust me, it's there.)

Sorry for the hush-hush. It takes a while to internalize that you've got a tiny human being developing inside of you and to decide how much of that person you'd like to share with the internets. I've decided for me that we're sharing very very little because one day when he or she grows up they're likely to lament what I've shared and there's enough to be embarrassed about when you're 17 without adding in pictures of your naked baby bottom floating around for all of the internet to see. Consider it a case of me proactively shortening the area in my kid's autobiography where they blame me for everything that's wrong with them.