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Bzz Bzz...Burts Bees....Bzz

First, what the heck is a bzzagent?  Go HERE to find out if you want. Otherwise we'll get to the meat of the story.

Personally I love talking about products.  I cannot talk enough about things I love and have done so at great annoying length previously on this blog in exchange for nothing. Zero. Nada. I even dished out over $100 on Vichy lotion (no lie) just because I like it that much.  To actually try something without such a ding to my wallet each time is perfect for me so that's why I became a Bzzagent.

I've had a few campaigns so far but I haven't felt the need to talk about some of them but I finally got a few beauty ones and oh boy, I love getting free beauty products in the mail. I don't even have to leave my house and deal with my cute but mischievous child getting antsy in a shopping cart.  Plus my coworkers LOVE me because they get a ton of free samples and coupons without having to join or sign up for anything at all. 

I got into the Burts Bees Sensiti…


I have started going to the gym.

Yes, Me.  I am also baffled by this.

The truth is that I made time to nurse and pump for my baby for seven months of his life.  Even when it was terribly inconvenient and I was tired at 3am and I looked like a blind hobo dressed me...I still did it.  I still found the energy to follow through and just do it.  People do it everyday! It's best for the baby!! It's only a little bit longer!! Exclaimation POINTS!!!

While pumping and gyming might not seem immediately related I figure that if I could dig that deep and find the energy for my kid, I would be short changing myself if I could not find a few moments each week to take care of myself.  To give myself more energy for my family.  To become the hottest momma at the sandbox.  I wanted it and I was convinced I could do it. I'm only getting closer and closer to 30 and what do I have to show for it?  I might be thin but thin people die of heart disease too.  I have a family that I need to be a…

...So Are the Days of Our Lives

Other than boring mom stuff you're probably wondering what fills my days. I'll breeze past the boring stuff like laundry and grocery shopping and admit that in the few moments I have left to myself I have become fond of online shopping and getting free samples and generally trying to find deals though I do draw the line at hoarding 300 tubes of toothpaste. I grew up in a house where we never lacked in toiletries so perhaps I'm a tad sensitive but there is no logical reason you'd ever need that much of anything before it goes stale anyway. Since Trevor doesn't like clothies and he's home with the kid most of the time we consume disposables and watching my son poop away our money is sobering so if I can save a few bucks I try to. I figure every buck I can save is a buck he can use toward college, and when you put it into that perspective it seems silly not to try. Cloth nappies are not an exponentially big savings when you take into account the energy it tak…

5 1/2 months later

This is going to be brief, unproofread and probably a just plain unthoughtful post but I figure that any post is better than no post after this long of a period.

Kid is 5 1/2 months old and possessed by the desire to move. Flail, crawl, walk...whatever, he just He's been army crawling all over the place. It's kind of frustrating but entirely adorable and expected considering who his dad is. I'm surprised he's not climbing on to the countertop and jumping superman-style off the top yet. My hands are full, my life is full, I sleep more than I did before but not enough and frankly, I'm squeezing this task in while the kid's napping. Yesterday I did 90 billion loads of laundry and vacuumed the mountains of dog fur. It's not really that entertaining fodder for a blog but it's what life is and somehow...well, it's fantastic.

Am I right where I was pre-baby? Well, not exactly but from all outward appearances I can fit into all my prepr…

Hello Again my friend

How does one pick up seamlessly after many months away? I've been thinking about it for a long time and I've decided that it would be silly to try and relive every major event that's occurred in the past few months because with a newborn everything is a major event. This post would be 4 feet long and I'd hardly scratch the surface of what actually happened. So what do I do? Ignore the fact that a small human has joined our family? That seems like an impossibility given that I spend all day up to my eyeballs in baby and as a result my mind goes right to baby-mode. I can't stop talking about the baby because he's right THERE, demanding all my attention and energy and love.

To all who are concerned, he's healthy and feisty and my mother thinks he's a genius in comparison to me at his same age. I'll try not to be offended by the fact that means by comparison I was an idiot baby and just focus on the fact that the kid's rocking through his miles…