Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 1/2 months later

This is going to be brief, unproofread and probably a just plain unthoughtful post but I figure that any post is better than no post after this long of a period.

Kid is 5 1/2 months old and possessed by the desire to move. Flail, crawl, walk...whatever, he just He's been army crawling all over the place. It's kind of frustrating but entirely adorable and expected considering who his dad is. I'm surprised he's not climbing on to the countertop and jumping superman-style off the top yet. My hands are full, my life is full, I sleep more than I did before but not enough and frankly, I'm squeezing this task in while the kid's napping. Yesterday I did 90 billion loads of laundry and vacuumed the mountains of dog fur. It's not really that entertaining fodder for a blog but it's what life is and somehow...well, it's fantastic.

Am I right where I was pre-baby? Well, not exactly but from all outward appearances I can fit into all my prepregnancy clothes and shoes and I am the envy of every woman in my office. I have to admit I haven't gone to the gym a day in....several years but just because I'm not working out in the traditional sense doesn't mean my body isn't taxed. Exhaustion plus breastfeeding takes a lot more out of you than you'd imagine. I am back to work and it's been nice to be around people who speak in sentences instead of just yelling at you and pulling at your hair. I have a lot more respect for stay-at-home moms now because I don't know how they stay sane. It's a pretty solitary and thankless job. No one pats you on the back for loading up the dishwasher while hanging on to a screaming child after walking the dog.

Ultimately you do what works and what works for me will probably not work for anyone else. Personally I detest big bulky strollers and love baby-carriers. I don't let my kid sleep in my bed. I haven't given my kid any formula yet. I don't give my kid a pacifier...but I don't care if you let your kid sleep in your bed. If I had twins you'd bet I'd have given up on breastfeeding way before now. And my kid just has no interest in pacifiers so, why bother picking that stupid thing off the floor 90 dozen times a day? I have effectively stopped judging other people for how they raise their kids because we're all just trying to survive it.

And just this once I'll indulge in a picture of the child.