Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have started going to the gym.

Yes, Me.  I am also baffled by this.

The truth is that I made time to nurse and pump for my baby for seven months of his life.  Even when it was terribly inconvenient and I was tired at 3am and I looked like a blind hobo dressed me...I still did it.  I still found the energy to follow through and just do it.  People do it everyday! It's best for the baby!! It's only a little bit longer!! Exclaimation POINTS!!!

While pumping and gyming might not seem immediately related I figure that if I could dig that deep and find the energy for my kid, I would be short changing myself if I could not find a few moments each week to take care of myself.  To give myself more energy for my family.  To become the hottest momma at the sandbox.  I wanted it and I was convinced I could do it. I'm only getting closer and closer to 30 and what do I have to show for it?  I might be thin but thin people die of heart disease too.  I have a family that I need to be around for.

So far I'm already into week three and I am no longer hobbling like a 90 year old person so I think from here on out it'll be a lot easier to maintain.  I mention it now because I want to remain motivated and sometimes I think this is the best way to make myself accountable.  I want it so badly but it's easy to rest on your laurels when you haven't slept well and there's no fresh food in the house and the piles of dirty laundry actually eclipse the washing machine they should go into.  Balance is unbearably difficult, but no one looks back and regrets not doing their laundry timely enough.

I do a once a week class, and I tag along with a pal for some cardio on the elliptical machine but once I get a bit more stamina I think I'd like to tag in one more class a week because I feel like someone demanding I do jumping jacks works and me doing them on my own?  Well it just looks ridiculous.  Between my long limbs and crazy frizz hair (from all the sweating) it looks like someone's shaking a pile of spaghetti around. I don't know how anyone looks good working out.